Gift for first time mum help...

Hi, but of a strange query. A special lady at work is about to go off to have her first baby, she is 7 months. We always make a fuss of each others birthdays, so naturally I would like to buy her a baby gift. Only thing is as a man with no kids I know nothing of te subject and can guarantee whatever I buy will be laughably wrong. Can anyone suggest a decent gift for a first time mum? Ideally it should be reasonably posh and expensive and something less obvious that nobody else will get her. Many thanks for any advice on this matter, James


  • Does she have a baby registry or going to have one? That can help a lot with what she may require in the first few months of having a baby. When I was looking for a gift for a friend about to have a baby, I found some good sources as first baby must haves. Here is good baby essentials list. You can search for something similar.

    Must Haves for New Moms

    Great and useful gifts are so appreciated by new parents. Many of the gifts that we received, we are still using them today!

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