Ford KA & Car Seats

Hey, when I was 6 months pregnant I purchased a 2010 plate Ford Ka on finance under the impression that it would be a brilliant little run around for myself, and it's baby friendly, according to the car 'expert'. I now have a 6 month old little girl and we are starting to struggle with car seats. We currently have the Graco Evo Snugsafe group 0 car seat with the base, and from newborn up until now it's been a pain but usable. She's now getting way too heavy to keep lugging her car seat in and out with her in it, so were looking for a new Rear Facing car seat that will last a good few years, so group 0+ / 1 seats. We are going to struggle tremendously trying to find a car seat that will fit the car as it's so small in the back, and it's only a 3 door car! Please please please if anyone has had a Ford KA with a baby, how did you do it? And anyone else please leave suggestions... We are on our last legs!

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