Hi my 5 week old baby has just come home from hospital lastnite having been in for a week with bronchiolitis she had to be given oxygen and tube fed. Since coming home she has been so unsettled at night screaming real bad this is not like her as she was a fantastic baby. Anybody else experienced this and will she go back to her normal self??

Thanks for looking 


  • Hi kelcam. Gosh, it sounds like you've had a very scary and difficult Christmas. Poor you! Really glad to hear you and your baby are back home now and the bronchiolitis has been sorted.

    Your description of your baby screaming and being so unsettled rings bells with me. My second son had sepsis at 8 weeks and was in hospital for a week, too (scary times) and when he came home, he was just the same - very unsettled, particularly at night. I can remember pacing the floor with home for what felt like hours, desperate for him to settle and sleep.

    I think it's quite normal for babies who have been in hospital for a while, and poked and prodded and checked on at all times of the day and night, to be unsettled when they get home.

    It will pass. Just hang in there. It may take a while for her to settle again - and, if your experience is anything like mine, you may have some really low middle-of-the-night moments when you wonder if you can cope. But you can, and you will. And it will pass.

    What's your baby's name, by the way? And is she your first?

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