Travelling to Cyprus with 5 week old

Hi everyone, this is my first post! 

I  pregnant with my first and I am due to be going to Cyprus foru brothers wedding when baby is 5-7 weeks dependent if she on time or late? 

Im dont know what I need to take gor baby to travel in, most ppl habe advised me not to take my nice pram as it will get dsged, but buy a stroller! But how will this be suitable for baby as they be so small and surely  need to be flat in carry cot?

can anyone help and advise what I need to take to transport baby in 



  • Hi, Personally I would get a good quality sling/baby carrier. I went to my local sling library (look here to find your local library ) before we went to Rome when my daughter was 3 months old. I tried on lots of different ones & went with the Connecta. It was so much easier to travel with her in it meaning I didn't have to lug a heavy pram/buggy around. In fact I found it so useful that I barely used the pushchair again with her after that & I continued to use with her until she was nearly 3 when I started to use it with my newborn!

  • Yes, used one too and it was very handy, perfect for getting around and helped with the managing of travelling

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