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Colief; miracle cure?

You've listened to me going on about our problems with Cameron - won't sleep in his crib, followed by constant crying.

Well, having tried Infacol and Dentinox Colic Drops with little success, I bought some Colief yesterday afternoon. He's now had it in 4 or 5 feeds, and guess what, we've had no crying at all.

I've even managed to get some sleep! The only downside with it is that it needs to be added to milk half an hour before feeding, so I'm having to be very organised (not completely managed that bit yet). It's also made his bottom a bit explosive, but mostly just very farty, rather than pooey. When C has a big fart, the look of surprise on his face is funny image

Now, if I can get him out of sleeping in our bed, we'll be sorted ....! lol


  • Hi one of my twins gas been on colief for a week and we have changed her milk to Aptamil Easy Digest. She is a lot better than she was but still has the odd episode. She only poos every second day. Burps but does not fart lots (my other twin barely burps and farts good o) I also bottles up in advance and store them in fridge. Tried the half hour thing for a day but hard to be organised with one - impossible with two !!
  • enjoy the quiet time. my lo also farts a lot too, some of which has been explosive too so must be part of the package.
  • I have just weaned my little girl off colief at 4 months. It was definately a miracle cure for us. I made my bottles in advance too. If you make them up in advance you only have to use 2 drops not 4 as it has longer to work. It said about making them up in advance in the instructions when i first bought it.

    I also found that changing her milk to Cow and Gate Comfort helped. She was much less farty on this and poops became less explosive.
  • I didn't realise it could be made up in advance - easier than having to plan his feeds half an hour before he wants them. But, I tried it last night, and he was in a horrible state. The trapped wind was back and he was screaming. But, I used the full 4 drops, so maybe that was my mistake.

    Sara, my HV had told me it was available on prescription, but when I asked my GP, he shrugged and said he'd never heard of it. It makes me a bit cross that it retails at a tenner when it only costs a quid at NHS prices. As the bottle says it should be binned after 3 weeks, will definitely need another one, so will try again with the GP.
  • MrsAmanda health visitors can write out presriptions once you baby is a month old and you have been discharged from the care of the midwives. I got mine on prescription.
  • We found it a miracle cure too, but after 4 months Cai didnt need it anymore.... definately getting some stored for when we have the next one!
  • Hi,

    I am a first time dad, and my 2 week old has terrible colic. we ahve tried infacol, but, while  it seems to have worked (at least a little), he now has very baad constipation.

    Do you think colief would help? Also, when you say 'make the bottles in advance', do you mean add the formula to the milk and add the colief drops? At the moment, we are just putting cooled boiled water in Dr Browns bottles, keeping them in the fridge, and adding the formula/warming them when we need them - so can i add the drops to the water, then add the formula when necessary?

    Thanks in advance...

  • I have been giving my 4 week old infacol for about 2.5 weeks now. I had a visit from the health visitor today but told me try gripe water or colief. Going to try and get an appointment with the doctor tomorrow to see if I can get it on prescription.

    Cliff - are you heating the water before you add the formula? Water has to be 70degrees to kill the bacteria in the formula or it could cause infection.
  • I have been using Colief for only 2 days now. If you make a bottle up and add the colief then leave the bottle for half an hour then put it in the fridge, does it still need to be in for four hours?
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