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change teats size at what age?


I use tommee tippee bottles. what i would like to know is when did you change teat sizes from size one? also do you know what age you can use variflow teats from? I am just thinking to save money am i better buying variflow teats rather than size 2 medium flow ones?

Sorry to ask what may seem stupid questions i just have no clue and don't have money to waste so if there is a way to save it, obviously not at Chloe's expense tho!!

Thanks for all your help cos everyone here is so helpful!

Lara xx


  • Hi ya

    we changed teats when Alfie started falling asleep before getting half way through his bottles and was feeding every 2-3hrs, he was about 9 weeks when we changed to size 2 and all we did was sit him up a little bit more when feeding and he started taking full bottles and was a lot more contented.

    Just go with what you feel is best hun. x
  • i changed mine roughly a month before each teat was meant to be used. it was basically when it looked like zachariah was getting fed up of trying to get the milk out and just leaving it even though he was hungry. haven't tried the variflow though so no help there, sorry,
    however, for the money issue i've survived using only two teats per stage and definitely no harm done. Also i dont know how tight money is but you could always buy them now, try them and if no good put them away for later.
  • what ever you do DONT buy those tommee tippe nuby easy grip bottles suitible from 3 months. my dyson would struggle to suck anything from them bloody things! xxx
  • ive never changed mine. i altered them myself and then when sam turned 5 months i put him straight onto his cup :\) x x x
  • ive altered mine myself too til recently wen they started to look a bit knackered, so bought new ones. xxx
  • just sterilize a needle and make the hole abit bigger, sort of stretch it. u will be able to judge whether its too big or still too small when your baby drinks from it xx
  • thanks! got to buy more bottles soon and they only come with size 1 teats i believe so will try stretching then otherwise i'll spend a fortune!!

    lara xx
  • Hey!

    I changed to variflow teats with Bella when she was about 5weeks, she is nearly 12weeks now. She has been really good on them, she controls how much she takes at once. She doesn't seem to get that much wind either! I'd reccomend them.
  • hi, my friend has a 3 week old baby who is on cow & gate stage 1 milk, newborn teats with his tommee tippee bottles and is falling asleep during every feed but has been constipated for around 10 days on and off, so has now been changed to cow & gate stage 1 milk but for colic & constipation, he seems to be going to the toilet Okish but is still falling asleep with each bottle

    should she change the teats, if so what should she change them to??




  • Hello

    It is the Cow & Gate Milk that is causing the constipation and the colic because the stomach cannot digest it properly. Has your friend tried Aptamil Stage 1 Milk, it is more expensive than Cow & Gate but is better digested by the stomach. Also for the Colic try using Infacol which will also help with the constipation.

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