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Had your baby? Had a 'gender scan'? Please come and help us prove (or not) the nub theory!

Hello everyone.

We know loads of mums-to-be (and quite a lot on you here on MFM!) love the nub theory – the method that's said to help you predict your baby's sex from your 12-week dating scan.

So, we want to put the nub theory to the test – with your help.

If you've had a baby (reasonably) recently, please could you post up your 12-week scan pic, and tell us whether your baby is a boy or a girl?

If you haven't had your baby yet but have had a later-pregnancy scan where you were told by the sonographer what sex your baby will be, please could you post up your 12-week scan pic, and tell us whether you're expecting a boy or a girl?

We'd be ever so grateful for your help!




    This is my 12 week scan! I can't see a nub in this pic but I'm convinced if you get a clear pic then you can tell!  

    Our baby girl was born 10 days ago image 


    This is a pic from my 12 week scan. Again no nub but this is a girl. My daughter is now a gorgeous 6 month old ????????
  • Told at 17wks Boy then at 20wks girl ?!? Very confusing


    any guesses as to what my baby is thank you to all that guess x
  • Thanks proud granny: how many weeks are you now? Have you found out the sex of the baby yet?

    Thanks also, mummy1234567: unfortunately, we can't hazard a guess for you (though others may be able to!). We're actually looking for 12-week scan pictures from people who've already had their baby or who've had a 'gender scan' and so already know the sex of their baby.

    We want to try to find out if the nub (or lack of) at 12 weeks really can predict a baby's sex or not.  

    Apols if our opening post wasn't as clear as it could have been.


    This is 13 weeks 

     This is my baby's scan at 12 weeks, boy or girl?
  • I reckon boy gihan x


    my 12 week scan found out at 16 weeks baby going to be a boy 

    Anyone care to guess the sex of my little 1, 13 weeks 1 day when scan done. Any guesses welcome image

  • image


    Hi. Can anyone please take a guess as if it's a girl or a boy. Scan pic at 13weeks. Thanks.

  • imageThis is my 12 week scan from baby number 1- I went on to have a boy 

  • Hi i had a little boy 9 weeks ago thank you. 

  • imageBoy of girl?

  • image

    Hi Ladies

    heres my scan pictures 12+5, any thoughts would be much appreciated.

    Thank you 


  • heres my scan picture 12weeksimage

  • I would say boy.

  • Just had my 12 week US today. Hoping someone can help me out with the gender! :) Please and Thank you!


  • Wow, thanks nevada-doodles and Mummy1234567 - that's amazingly helpful of you both!

    And thanks to everyone else who contributed to this thread.

    We're going to close it now because we can see that it's very easy to think this is a thread where folks will predict your baby's sex – and we don't want anyone to post here, thinking that, and then get disappointed when they don't get a prediction! 

    If you are one of those who have done that, our apologies – and please do post your scan pic in Pregnancy, if you'd like to - there are some ace predictors there!

    Thanks again, everyone. image

  • imageimage

    14 week scan pic

    . Can you see nub???

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