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Aptamil hungrier baby milk

Hi everyone

I am combination feeding at the moment and am considering giving my lo hungrier baby milk for the last feed of the night to help him last longer. Does anyone else do this and if so what age did you do this? Is there any reason why I shouldn't do this?


  • I honestly wouldn't. 'Hungry' milk is casein-dominant, meaning it's much harder for your baby to digest than ordinary first (whey-dominant) infant milk. Switching even a fully formula fed baby to hungry milk can cause constipation, but for a baby who mostly gets very easily-digested breastmilk to suddenly be whacked with a bellyful of hungry milk would, I think, be risking making him very uncomfortable indeed.

    Also, the hungry milk has no more nutrition or calories so if you are artificially filling him up you risk dulling his hunger cues through the night which may result in him taking in less milk than he otherwise would, which will a) mean he gains less weigh and b) may affect your supply. NIght feeds are the very best for keeping your breastmilk supply on an even keel, skip them and your supply may dip, especially if you are already combination feeding.

    That's just my opinion, I wouldn't do it personally for those reasons.

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  • I actually did/do this alongside bf as my lo was feeding all through the night - have to say though although I bf for 10 weeks I wouldnt class it as successsful and dont think my supply could meet demand (wouldnt blame this on the formula as I dont know) my baby is a very slow feeder but eats loooooads (can quite happily drain an 8 oz bottle), she's been sleeping through the night since 5 weeks though and we gave her HB at 3 weeks- HV didnt bat an eye and just said if we felt constipation was a problem to add a touch more water in the feed than powder. I'm not sure if it does help her sleep longer but she always has a HB bottle at night. She's 75th centile for weight and was nearly 9lb born x
  • also aptimal hungry baby never gave my little one constipation but SMA regular did !! x
  • we used hungry baby but its not designed to make a baby go longer its to satisfy between feeds, we started at 8 weeks due to a very greedy baby taking in more than his tummy could manage and didnt make a difference to the times of feeds just made him settle inbetween so i dounbt it would do what you want
  • we used it with Blake as he was getting very restless between feeds. It has worked a treat. he doesn't go any longer between feeds but is so much more content, We never had a problem with constipation either.
  • just wanted to add we never had any problems with constipation on aptiaml but we did with sma x
  • We used Aptamil Hungry Baby for his last night time feed with DS1 in the hope that it would make him go longer between night feeds. (To be fair - he did in time, whether that was down to the milk, I'm not sure. And he was already having Aptamil First in the day - not breastmilk.)
    However we were then told by HV that it can affect them with constipation as it is slower to digest.
    I just found first thing in the morning after his morning milkies, some cool boiled water did the trick for him.

    Maenad is right with her warning though hon - breastfed babies digest their milk much easier that ff babes.
    Mixing a heavy milk such as Hungry baby could give your LO constipation as the milks they are recieving are like one extreme to the other. xxx
  • i have just gave my lo a bottle of aptimil hungry baby milk i was a bit conserned it would make her constipated even more because she already suffers with constipation i dont want to make her any worse also will this milk make her fat image

  • hello mums

    my son is five months old and he gets hungry every two hours,this gets harder over nights as I have to stay up all night,please advice me what I should do,his on aptamil at the moment



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