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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Jan 15 Birth Club, who have now all given birth to an equally lovely baby (hurrah!) and we reckon they deserve a nice new shiny thread to chat on.


If you've just had a baby (born this Jan), do please feel free to post and join in.  They're a nice, friendly lot!



  • Ahh how lovely!

    i agree ladies, hope she's just really busy with her little baby. 

  • Anyone else git a Ewan dream sheep? He's amazing but I miss sleeping in silence lol. 

  • Got not git... He he 

  • No what is it?

    woke up this morning with really sore boobs. Wow! People weren't joking lol I thought since it hadn't happened yet I was getting away with it lol 

    its so nice to be up myself with both my boys in bed image

  • Am hoping all ok with her too, am sure it is and she is so busy with 4 children and running a home etc etc......

  • Oooh what a lovely new thread!

    ive not heard of that sheep what is it? We have a little bear that glows purple and makes the sounds of the ocean. Grace loves it and I sleep through it lol! 

  • It's a similar thing, plays heartbeats etc and glows red! When your milk comes in there is no mistaking it Essie!! 

  • So Grace slept from 11.30pm til 7.30am  this morning!!! I woke up at 4am just to check she was ok as she hadn't woke me lol! She only got up at 7.30 this morning coz I woke her as we have a hospital appointment to get to! I don't no if I should be worried or not? But she seems herself and not unwell.

  • You lucky lucky thing, as long as she is feeding well and seems happy etc don't wake her if I was you. My 1st baby did that and I didnt look back just counted my lucky stars lol...

  • Are you supposed to let them sleep as long this small? the midwife told me the other day don't let Lucas go any longer than 6 hours without a feed because I was waking him every fees

  • I think if they constantly go for a long time between feeds there is a risk they can become jaundice. Grace wakes every 3-4 hours during the day so last night was an exception. Although I'm hoping she will do the same tonight haha! I was worried this morning as she was still so sleepy. I got them to take her temperature while we were at the hospital and it was fine so she's not unwell. She is still feeding ok and they said that's a good sign. It appears I just have a very lazy baby! 

  • Lucky u. I'm almost scared to comment on Lucas through the night. He only wakes for a feed and goes straight back down image

  • You lucky ladies, Chloe wakes every 11/2-2hrs for a feed! Thankfully she is a quick feeder so we are asleep again within 10mins. 

  • Holly feeds every 2 hours too thehoads - but is breast fed so that could be the difference, is Chloe?  All worth it today though she gas gone from 7lb0.5 to 8lb 9 in two weeks so feeling quite chuffed image 

  • Sounds like you've got gold top there! Yep Chloe is breast fed too, hope to get her weighed on Thursday curious to see how much she weighs as she looks huge now!

  • I heard breast fed babies want to feed more often so that's probably why. Wish grace was a quick eater it can take up to an hour at night sometimes!

  • Do any of your little ones eat their hands? Our boy constantly does it and he's biting down on them and when we remove them they go straight back up. He's so strong too So it's a fight to get them out.

  • Yes Grace does and it's a cue that they are hungry essie. She stops as soon as she's fed lol 

  • He doesn't. In fact earlier when his glove was off he was going crazy for it as he looks sooking on it so I held his hand and he actually tried to pull himself towards it and threw a wobbler because he couldn't get it - oops!

    Patiently sitting watching Lucas hoping he wakes soon so we can get to bed. We've got a deal where we alternate who does the first feed and tonight it's daddy's turn so all going well I won't be required until 8/9 

  • Thank you madeformums for Grace's beautiful gift! We recieved it today! Really lovely of you all xxxx

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