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Rolling eyes, twitching and smiling in sleep. Is something wrong???

When my 9 week old boy is asleep he will sometimes open his eyes and his eyeballs will be rolling upwards and flitting around, this will sometimes be accompanied by big smiles, and his limbs and hands may move a little. The majority of myself tells me this is normal and just him going through REM sleep, but I can't help worrying occasionally  that it is something worse like a seizure. He has done this since birth and does not happen every time he sleeps but I will catch it at least once a day. He was born a month premature. I appreciate any help or advice


  • I should also add that whenever I pick him up duribg this, he will wake up or 'come to' almost instantly. 

  • All normal. He is just dreaming. My daughter sleeps with her eyes half open (apparently she gets it from me). She also will open her eyes and almost look across the room before drifting back off. She's completely asleep tho

  • It's okay. I was also surprised to see them dreaming that way.

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