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So, your post-baby body looks like this, right?


We've done a news story today about Sarah Stage, a US model who's been making lots of controversy by Instagramming her (tiny) pregnancy bump. She's now had her baby and, guess what? She's Instragrammed her post-baby body, 7 days later – in a bikini (jewel-encrusted, natch).

Anyway, we're wondering what you think when you look at her pic?

Do you think, "Good on her!" Or do you feel a bit peeved that yet another model is flaunting her postnatal 6-pack and making the rest of us mere mother mortals feeling even more deflated at the sight of our own jelly bellies?

Please let us know by adding a post to this discussion thread. We'd love to hear what you've got to say!


  • Dur, she's not even human! Please!

  • I think it's really negative to judge people in this way. At the end of the day her body carried a miracle for nine months. Who are we to judge her on her body shape before, during or after pregnancy?!

    women should be seeking solidarity in WHATEVER their body shape, whether they are curvy, skinny, muscular... Who cares?! It's about time society stopped being so judgemental!

  • Sorry but I think it is highly irresponsible of her.

  • I think she looks great. Her baby was 8lb + so a very good weight. She is just one of the lucky ones, plus you can see she works hard for her figure and exercise is perfectly safe in pregnancy x

  • I feel slightly jealous but good on her as she obviously worked out whereas I was lazy and didnt ha x

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