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My son is 10 weeks old and he have a stuffy nose it's smells really bad.and sometimes it's kinda hard for him to breathe.most of the time when he throwing up it comes out of his nose instead of his there anything that I can use please I'm really worried


  • Hey.... Do not fear there are things you can try....

    Calpol do a nasal spray for babies from birth which is a saline solution( basically salt and water ) salt fights infection and cleans, this will not hurt your baby , defiantly worth a go ! 

    Sounds like your little man may have projectile vomiting which often shoots through the nose , milk may be building up in his nose! And causing some blocking. I suggest you speak to your doctor about this to see if your little an has colic or reflux! Is he sick with every bottle rather than just a burp?? ( obviously I'm not a doctor but it's just a suggestion) speak to your go if worried!

    Also there is a baby Vicks you can try called snuffle baby, not sure if he can use it from 10 weeks though, double check , 

    you can buy little pumps where you blow the snot through your babies nose , using a little tube which is non invasive and safe for small babies ,have a look online I thing tommee tippee do one in a nail clipper set.

    you can buy both items from boots for a small fee.

    Kind regards and good luck let me know how you get on xx

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