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New dads only do 40 minutes more housework than before the baby. Sound right to you?


We've just been chuckling over a new study about how the arrival of a new baby affects a couple and their household chores. And it's made us wonder what you think about it...

According to the study, couples who shared household tasks more or less equally before the baby's birth said that, after the baby's birth, their daily chores increased and took much more time. 

Both new mothers and new fathers said they reckoned they spent FOUR more hours a day doing chores.

In actual fact, the scientists discovered, both the mums and dads were wrong in their estimations.

The time spent by new mums doing chores increased by two hours a day. And the time spent by new dads doing chores increased by – wait for it – 40 minutes!

So we are wondering: does that sound about right to you?

When you had your baby, did you find you are the one doing all the extra chores that having a child in the house brings? Or does your partner share the extra load pretty equally? Does he at least do more than 40 minutes?

And, if you haven't had your baby yet, do you think you'll end up shouldering most of the extra housework burden? Or not?

And how does that make you feel?

Do tell us what you think by adding a post to this discussion thread. We'd really love to know!


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