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How do you soothe a crying baby?


Tell us for our feature on how you soothe a crying baby. Please include products you may have used that you found helpful. Thanks


  • With Mia she was a nightmare at sleeping on a night. Her body clock was the complete reverse from day one. We bought a Time For Bed Ted bear from Boots. I think it was about 10pound. He has a light section to his tummy and her talks and plays music. It was great because you cound set it for the lights or sound or both and it could be sound activated for her waking in the night or when his tummy was pressed. Even more impressive, the battery operated bit pops out to you can pop the bear in the washer. it's lasted for 2 kids and was on the 3 for 2. I got my friends little boy one too and he loved his.

    With Ava, she is the complete opposite. It's usually just a good hug that makes her feel better. She is more relaxed when she is holding something though and has always had a thing for Little People characters. She still quite often (even now at a year old), goes to bed with a character in each hand.  We bought a set of extra characters from Early Learning Centre, I think they were about 4 pound which was an absolute bargain last christmas. It's nice she has something that relaxes her because she's got her buddies in her hands and they are safe for her to sleep with. Not so sure it's safe for Mia, she's been clubbed with them a few times by Ava.

    Another one that I found was the Tiny Love cot mobile. The one we had was a safari theme. I like to save money on things for the kids to spend more on days out and treats but the one thing we didn't save on was the mobile. It had 4 classical music tunes, a little glow up money (we named him Steve), and 3 animals that go round and twirl. It cost us 55pound from Mothercare and was worth every penny and more. It soothed both of our girls and comes with a remote control to turn it off and on without disturbing them. I think I would have gone mad without this one. They also have good resale value on ebay. We used our for 2 kids and still managed to sell it for 15 pund. Awesome.

    Oh, one last one. Soothing babies with a cold, the capsules. Can't remember the brand but they came in a blue packet with green swishes on. They were fantastic to help with breathing along with lifting the cot at the head end. The capsules (or you can buy it in drops form) smell menthol-ish up close, but, at a distance smell like Cola Cubes so if you like them, buy some before you crave them through the night.


  • we use to swaddle louie so he felt safe, then we would rock him which would soothe him. i also found the fisher price baby swing was amazing, if he got upset we put him in his swing which vibrated and did gentle songs and hed stop crying with in minuets x
  • Hi emchip,

    Hope you're well.

    I'm the new writer for Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine. Could you please send an image of you and your tot and your full name, ag, area you live in, name of kid/s, ages of kid/s to [email protected]

    Many thanks,

    Amanda Pauley x
  • i found my little girl Summer will only settle if she is on the sofa laying next to me or her daddy with her pink tommy tippee cherry dummy and her pink soft blanket from primark to snuggle into its only three pounds and a great bargin as she loves it so much and is asleep in five mins

    xxxxxxxxxxxx image
  • Hi Summers,

    Hope you're well.

    I'm the new writer at Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine and am thinking about using your tip on soothing a little one to sleep?

    I just wanted to ask what is so comforting to your little one about the blanket? Is it a special particular blanket? Also why is the tommy tippee dummy so good?

    If you could send your full name, age, area you live in, kids name and age and a photo of you two together to [email protected] I would really appreciate this.

    I am thinking about featuring your tip on our try this page.

    If you had a pic of your little one in the blanket with the dummy on please send that too as that would be fab.

    Kindest regards,

    Amanda Pauley
  • i have a 5 month old daughter and when younger i used  to pat her really gently on bum and rock her and she sllep asllep in 2 min she still does now  xxx

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  • I've always found the best way to soothe my 2 was to breast feed them. Worked everytime! (didn't always last though!!)

  • I soothe my baby in different ways.

    - Taking her outside for rounds

    - Showing him some interesting toys

    - Breastfeeding her

    - Massaging

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