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10 month old refusing food - please help :(

I've not been around in a while as life has been super busy but over the hols things have been getting increasingly stressful. F vomited exorcist style on the 23rd while we were on hols and following that was gagging when he ate but was still eating and no more vomiting. I wasnt convinced he had a bug although his nappies have been a pale manilla colour ever since which is odd. For the last 4/5 days he has been refusing food altogether which is awful. He is cutting top and bottom teeth so is mega cranky which is probably contributing? He is EBF and is a bottle refuser so only gets the morning and evening feed - I don't seem to be able to raise any milk to feed him further. He is taking water and usually a yogurt but otherwise not a lot else. 

Any experience or advice?? 



  • Massive hugs to you Sweetpea. Try not to worry too much about his eating. W has been unwell recently with added teething and growth spurt to boot so has been an absolute nightmare to get food into. We took to leaving a selection of finger foods for him to pick at including jam sandwiches, banana, tangerines, croissants and crisps. I realise it's may be a bit  to do this for F, if he's not walking yet, but it's an option if he can get himself to a table to pick at the foods, or sitting on a blanket picnic style.

  • And Happy New Year! Xx

  • Thanks RKB that's really appreciated and happy new year to you too!. I'm sorry to hear W has been unwell too. Teething is the devil!!!! F isn't great with finger foods yet although I've not tried a sandwich before so I'll give that a shot...and he will take crossiant so an excuse to buy more of those!! He will eat those carrot puff sticks and bits of digestive biscuit but he ain't getting much in the way of nutrition!! He's a bit happier this morning so fingers crossed for a better day!

    Thanks again love xx

    Ps - I miss FB!!

  • Please try not to worry too much, Z goes through phases like this when she's ill or teething or just being difficult.  He's only 10 months so he's really not going to allow himself to starve, he will eat if he's hungry.  Just keep offering him a wide variety of foods, perhaps try some new things to entice him, and he'll pick up again once he's ready.  Its hard not to worry, believe me I've done my fare share over Z's eating but now I fugure she'll eat if she needs to.  Perhaps try offering an additional breast feed or bottle of formula during the day if youre still worried.

  • Thanks so much PC. It's especially hard as he's gone from being an excellent eater to practically nothing. If he'd take formula I'd give it but he won't and my milk has dropped so I can't offer the extra feed without it meaning there's nothing for bedtime. Gah! But you are right - he won't starve himself. I'm going to try not offering much in the way of snacks today to see if it'll help with mealtimes! And try not to worry!! Thanks again.

  • Teething has a lot to answer for, honestly! S goes through phases of being difficult with food and he's normally an eating machine so it really worries me but the others are right, he won't let himself starve.

    Will he suck on a puree pouch? We did blw but occasionally, I would give S one of the Ellas kitchen ones and help him to suck it out himself (usually when he was on food strike and got constipated!) just a thought.

    Hope he settled soon!

  • How's he doing now? Xxx

  • Thanks all! He's picking up actually and still taking less but no longer gagging. His legs now fit in the bumbo so he's obviously lost weight the poor thing. My H has now developed strep throat and we are wondering if that's what was wrong with F which he's now recovered from? Who knows but at least he's improving! The Ella's pouches have been a god send as he would actually suck on those!

  • Glad to hear he's feeling a bit better x

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