Burping questions

If baby falls asleep when feeding do you still burp?

how long do you burp for?

how do you know if after one burp all the air is up?

do you burp at night? 


  • I didn't burp mine if they had fallen asleep

    When awake I'd usually try for about 5/10 mins to get any wind up. Both my girls burped fairly easily though.

    You don't really know when all the air is up unless they are crying in pain and then they stop.

    Yes I burped mine at night.
  • S was refluxy and very windy so I pretty much spent the first four months of his life burping him whenever he was awake! I didn't if he fell asleep. I always burped at night. With S,  always carried in burping for a while after he had burped and there was generally more. He would often go cross eyed if there was more to come!

  • I burped when Z was asleep, she burped without waking!  Burped until she did a couple, you dont really know if they are done, but they'll cry if they have trapped wind. Definitely burped at night to avoid being woken by a crying baby with wind later!

  • Iv never burped mine. I just kept them upright. They weren't particularly windy though, my mil used to go mad that we didn't, but we literally just kept them upright for maybe 10/15 mins after a feed. She would insist on pacing the floor for in excess if 45 mins with Lucas but he wouldn't really burp much and was always comfy after a feed.

    Isaac  had a bit of wind when he had his tongue tie and would cry post feed so I'd pay his back for a bit but that stopped when his TT was done.

  • O was another reflux and windy baby so I still winded even if he dosed off, he would burp if he needed to even asleep. I can't help on the when the wind is done qs and he seemed to have wind all the time and would burp loads but I don't think that's the 'norm'!

    I burped him at night and would often just lie him on me or sort of at my shoulder and gently rub his back as he slept and he would burp again

  • L was a colicky baby and would scream for hours if he wasn't burped properly, so we quickly learnt that we wanted to avoid that! We generally tried to keep him fairly upright between feeds and bounced him around a bit, but it took a lot of work to get even a tiny bit of a burp out of him. At night he seemed to swallow a lot less air when feeding so I would feed him to sleep then hold him up against my shoulder and rock backwards and forwards for ten minutes or so and that was usually enough.

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