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My little Girl has reached 6mnth> Do i change her formula to follow on or not? she seems happy as she is but i can't decide what to do for the best?


  • Hi my l/o is 8month next week and hes still on stage one. hv said its just a gimmick is follow on milk x
  • That's what my H/V said... But anyone i have spoke to have said they have followed the milk stages up> I'm going to stick to first stage i think she's happy on it, seems silly changing it now x
  • thats exactly what im doing , hes happy,sleeping through so just leaving him on stage one till he can have cows milk x
  • I switched to follow on .... and then switched straight back, my dd just did not take to it at all! x

  • I switched to follow on, but then switched back as on the follow on she wasn't sleeping aswell, as it doesn't fill them as much. I wish I had seen this advice then. x

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