Going abroad with baby

We are contemplating going away in May for our anniversary, when baby will be just over 4 months.

Would we be better off AI or SC?

Any places you would really recommend, or absolutely avoid?

Any top tips?


  • We took S self-catering to Madeira when she was 15 weeks and to Portugal last month in a hotel. Self-catering was a lot easier for us as she's formula fed so having a fridge, sink and microwave made things easier. However if we weren't formula feeding I'm not sure there would have been too much of a difference. Although it was nice that if she played up we could just have lunch on the balcony while she had a nap! I think you tend to have a bit more space with self catering so if you put the baby to bed you're not all stuck in one room.

    We went to Vilamoura which was really famy friendly. Every night we walked down to the marina, S would fall asleep in the pram and sleep through dinner. It was definitely easier than I thought it would be! A snooze shade for the pushchair was a lifesaver, during the day for naps but also at night as a blackout blind.

  • Babies are actually fairly easy to travel with (especially in comparison with toddlers!). We took Isobelle to Rome when she was 3 months. We went sc (but then I'm a cheap skate!). I wanted to do something a bit cultural as I know she want want to do that kind of holiday until she's quite a bit older so we choose somewhere that we both wanted to see the sights rather than just a beach holiday. We used a sling (a Connecta) so it was really easy to hop on & off the metro & we did a lot of walking too (which can be harder with a toddler in tow!). As she was breast fed we didn't need to take any food for her so that was easy. Usually they allow 2 pieces of large luggage for a baby but as we don't own a buggy we only needed to take our travel cot (which obviously lots of places already have.

    Have fun choosing where to go & make the most of going away during term time!!!!!

  • I went AI with GG but she was 5 months and weaning and FF. We did it that way because it was the carribean, we managed but had to take a bucket to sterilise things. We had a fridge but no microwave. SC may be easier if it is available.

    Have a great time x

  • Never even thought about formula practicalities. Hopefully we manage to bf and it's not an issue, but life doesn't always go to plan. We are leaning towards gran canaria which lends itself to SC more than AI anyway. My concern is going out to nice restaurants with baby when SC, as I think that maybe a kid friendly hotel restaurant would be more accommodating?

  • G was fine in a highchair/pushchair when we ate as long as she had a toy, so it wouldn't have been a problem. However if you intend to eat later you'll probably find your LO will be asleep anyway.

  • S slept really well on holiday in the evenings. I think the heat tired her out quite a bit! We got into a routine of going to the bar for a drink, giving her her last bottle then going for a walk until she fell asleep. It worked really well.

  • Some AI do have a microwave and fridge. Also with some holiday companies you can also book a "baby pack" for arrival which will have a sterilser etc.

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