Heavy wetters overnight - tips?

We're having a problem at the moment in that L doesn't seem able to get through a whole night without his happy leaking and him waking up with wet clothes and bedding. He goes to bed at eight and usually wakes up wet and miserable somewhere between five and six, at which point he's still tired (prior to this he was sleeping till about half seven) but because he's had a decent chunk of sleep he's not tired enough to go back to sleep. This means he's grouchy till nap time, which I do bring forward when he's woken early, but it still means he's miserable for half the day, not fun for either of us!

So far I've tried changing his nappy when I go to bed, but its always still dry then and still wet at the same time in the morning so I'm guessing the wetting is later on. I've also tried putting an extra nappy over the top which did work last time we had this problem but doesn't seem to any more. I've been wondering about using reusable boosters but can I use those with disposable nappies? Or is there anything else I've missed? Any ideas much appreciated!


  • What brand nappies are you using? The only nappies I've ever found too last 12 hours are pampers baby dry (green packet), I feel your pain as it used to drive me mad as he was only awake because of the leaking

  • Ahhh welcome to my specilaist subject! How old is your little one?

    My son suffered from this and people came out with lots of unhelpful tips.

    We went to the Enuresis clinic and I explained it wasn't that my child was wetting overnight but how much that concerned me. The thing that made the biggest difference for us was increasing the amount B drunk during the day - and making sure it was only water. No drinks after 6pm.

  • Thanks for the ideas both of you. Noodle my H said earlier we should maybe go back to pampers baby dry overnight - we started using them a few months ago when we had this issue but after a while he went back to being fine in the aldi ones we use during the day. Will pop and get some tomorrow I think, it cant hurt to give it  go.

    QI, L is eighteen months and not anywhere near to potty training so like you say its definitely only the volume of wetting that's the issue. I think that cutting down the volume of liquid before bedtime probably would help as he still has nine oz of milk at bedtime plus a cup of water with dinner. He only drinks water during the day and I do often wonder if he's drinking enough, he just isn't interested when he's busy playing. But then because of that I'm reluctant to stop him drinking late on because I don't want him to get dehydrated. Did you find your child was okay to just stop drinking after six or did they get thirsty and you had to refuse them a drink? I will make an effort to encourage as much to drink as possible during the day and see if I can then reduce the volume of milk. This might be a how long is a piece of string question but do you know how much a toddler should be drinking? Just wondering so that I can see how far off we are. Thanks for the advice, its much appreciated!

  • B was a heavy wetter and we ended up double nappying him for his bedtime nappy for a period.  We'd put a pull up on then a normal baby dry nappy.

  • Could you go up a size just in the nighttime nappy?

  • B was five when I reached the end of my tether with changing the sheets at least twice a night (I am VERY patient!) so he had some comprehension BUT he really didn't appreciate having to drink so much (he had to drink 1500mls a day) and found it difficult to accept not having a drink after a certain time. BTW it is not to drink approx an hour before bedtime so hence it being 6pm for B, it might be a different time for your LO. But B really found it a struggle to drink enough during the day. As he has got older it has been easier to get him to drink more because he understands the connection before. I think to begin with as yours is so young it is going to be a case of constantly offering a drink and keeping track of how much they are drinking. I was amazed at how much difference drinking lots during the day makes! B is now sometimes dry overnight but it nowhere near being completely dry overnight.

  • Thanks for that QI. I've been trying to offer drinks constantly this morning but so far he's only been taking a sip at a time and then going back to whatever he was doing. It does make sense that that's causing the problem, so I'm going to try and come up with some ways to get fluids into him that are more fun than just being offered a cup as clearly that's not exciting enough! I am also going to have a think about finally getting rid of the bedtime bottle - I know I should even without this issue but I'm really not sure I want to! I think I'll work on the daytime drinking first in the hope that if that improves I'll be able to cut down gradually. Thanks again for all the advice, it sounds like you've done a fantastic job helping B to make so much progress, clearly all that patience is paying off!

  • R is only 9 months but we had to switch to pampers baby dry as these seem to be the only ones which stop her leaking

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