So O had his MMR 2 weeks ago, since then he has had a cough, cold and fevers. He has had calpol and ibuprofen every day since then. When will this stop (I'm assuming it is all MMR related), did it take you little ones a long time to get over it?


  • Personally I would go to see the gp. I try to limit how much calpol I give, I wouldn't give it every day for two weeks, if he's needing it every day for that long I would speak to the doctor

  • Thanks JT, I'm waiting on a call back from the duty doc as my GP isn't in today. I did speak to him last week as I was concerned how much I was giving him and he said to continue but I think it's gone on a long long time now

  • S had his mmr just as he started nursery so was picking up all sorts, but definitely had a fever about 10 days after the jabs. S had calpol or nurofen most days for about 5 or 6 weeks. It was ridiculous. I took him to the dr for a general check up and she said so long as I wasn't giving more doses than recommended in 24 hours then it was fine.
  • Thanks PW, it horrible for them isn't it? It also has co-incided with him starting nursery too! GP called me back and wants to see him tomorrow so at least he will be checked up

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