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The ASDA baby event is on this weekend so i'm thinking of getting some. So a couple of questions:

1. Pampers or ASDA's own? (mums getting me some Aldi and we will pick up some Lidl)

2. How many in the first size? 

3. Wipes reccommendations? 


  • To start with I would just use water and cotton wool we didn't use wipes until a few months in (unless out and about) as for number we had 1 packet of newborn size until baby got here.

  • 1. It's really a matter of personal preference. I got a couple of packs of Pampers newborn because I had a free voucher with the Boots parenting club. I used Aldi after that and found them perfectly fine and an awful lot cheaper. The main thing I liked about the Pampers brand was that they had the yellow line on the outside which turned blue when the nappy was wet, so it gives you an indication in the early days when you're not so familiar with how often to change them.

    2. Hard to say due to baby's weight. I'd get a couple of packs to keep you going over the first few days then as long as you don't live in the middle of nowhere, you can get nappies everywhere, even local shops.

    3. My preference is Huggies pure, but again it's personal preference. They are expensive though, so I never buy them full price. It's nice to have a pack with one of the sturdier resealable lids for your changing bag as you probably won't use these as often as the ones you keep at home, so that'll stop them drying out.

  • 1. We had loads of Pampers and Huggies samples initially but didn't get on at all with the Huggies ones as they kept leaking. We stuck with Pampers and never had a problem. When he got older we gave Aldi ones a go and Tescos and they were both fine.

    2. I would literally just go for a couple of packs and a couple of different brands in case they don't work for you. That way you haven't wasted money and can just pop out and get some different ones to try.

    3. For the first couple of weeks we used cotton wool and water and then moved on to Huggies Pure. I'm not a big fan of them though as they're quite thick and always used to tear coming out of the packet. I really like some of the Johnsons ones and Boots Sensitive are good. I've got some Water Wipes to try this time.

  • Thanks guys! That's what is was thinking! I'll go for pampers for the first week.

    I'm going to try water wipes and cotton wool but I'll stock up on other wipes for a few weeks in.

  • 1. With R I had both pampers and Huggies to see what suited us better. It was pampers for us. Although I now use Asdas own for O so will probably give them a try for this baby. I've also found that Aldis are good and kiddicare- although these come in a big box so probably not great for the early days when sizes change quite quickly,

    2. I wouldn't buy too many of one size or make until you see what you get on with. There's always offers on nappies/wipes etc so you can shop around when baby's here.

    3. I generally use pampers sensitive. I buy Huggies pure if they're on offer too but as has been said I often find them a faff to get out of the packet. We didn't get on with johnsons wipes, I thought they were very perfumed.

    As has been mentioned, I used cotton wool and water in the early weeks with R but I think with O we went straight to wipes as R was still in nappies so it was easier .

  • I got a lot of money off coupons for my 1st one so I got quite a few different brands as different babies & adults get on with different brands. I never liked pampers as they smelt really chemically to me. The asda little angels are great nappies (we've gone back to them now!) & I also liked the huggies ones. I also used water & cotton wool for amonth then switched to the pure wipes (stocked up when they're on offer).  Oh & the how many is a tough question. As they get through roughly 10 a day it's amazing how many you get through! I think we were in the 1st size for quite some time but then Isobelle is on the 25th centile so it depends.

  • Thanks guys this just gives me a general idea.

  • I used a mix but have never got on with huggies and pampers weren't great for Isaac. Like bk I just used money off vouchers for the first lot.

    I discovered Aldi nappies with Isaac and they were great but our local store doesn't do newborn size but I'm told some stores do. But Iv just gone fir little angels this time. DO NOT go for morrisons nappies as everyone of them leaked with Lucas!

    I used cotton wool and water for the first few months with L and maybe first 8 weeks with I, then just Aldi wipes

  • I do think Pampers smell chemically but so far have found them the best. We've tried Asda ones but they didn't work so well for us, and we don't have an Aldi nearby so I never remember to pick some up to try. Size wise, S was in first size for a good 6 weeks or maybe longer, but she was quite skinny round the waste so even when she was the right weight for size 2's they were too big for her.

    We started using waterwipes and got a stash of them on offer from boots. Now we use Pampers Sensitive (again, always pick up the big packs on offer). We tried Johnson's but found them too soapy. We get through a lot of wipes, but H always tells me off for using too many when she's done a poo!

  • We used pampers new baby at first as liked the yellow to blue line. Then moved onto sainsburys when he grew out of new baby as we didn't like pampers active fit ( seemed to have a lot of leaks). We still use water and cotton wool at home and use wipes when out - I like non-Perfumed ones and have doing water wipes good

  • I started with Huggies newborn (no longer available) and then tried a whole variety and have settled on aldi's or my favourite Tesco cheekybots. Scbu used water wipes on F from day one and the midwife said no reason not to continue and actually water and cotton wool can leave their skin wet for ages whereas a wipe dries quicker so it's better for them. I still used water and cotton wool at home initially though but then swapped and only use water now when he has bad nappy rash.

  • 1. We didn't get on at all with pampers, they seemed to leak a lot and smelt funny. We use Aldi 99% of the time and have from day one, have heard good things about the Asda ones though but have never got round to trying them. We also like the Morrisons/Kiddicare ones and Tesco cheeky bots.

    2. We bought one pack of Pampers and one pack of Aldis in size one. I had wanted to get more but H convinced me not to, pointing out that we didn't know what size or brand we would like, and that supermarkets are open 24/7! Annoyingly he was right, L went into size 2 as soon as we got home from hospital! He's 91st obviously this wouldn't usually be a problem, but possibly worth not going too mad if you can resist!

    3. We used cotton wool and water to start with, then tried Johnsons and Huggies wipes, both of which were fine before settling on the sensitive Aldi ones which we still use now.

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