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What to use for day time naps instead of Moses basket?

At the moment we have a Moses basket in our front room which we use for day time  naps (when he naps lol!) and for sleeping at night with us when we're downstairs before bed. In our bedroom we have a crib for overnight sleeps. M still has plenty of space in his crib but I suspect will only last in his moses basket for next 3/4 weeks. We do have a cot bed in the nursery but logistically there isn't enough space in our room for it so can't bring the crib downstairs when he outgrows basket, which was my original thought. 

What could we replace the Moses basket with to have downstairs?  I thought about a travel cot but they are massive and wont fit in the space where the Moses basket and stand is, plus getting him in/out while he's so little would be terrible for my back. I thought about a travel cot that has a bassinett feature as they are obviously raised up but they say you should discontinue use of the bassinets bit once babies hit 3 months, so we'd only get a few extra weeks out of it which seems like a waste of money.  The other option would be another crib, but they aren't exactly cheap (the one we have was end of line discontinued rock whet kiddicare closed their shops, so only cost 25 quid as opposed to the 60/70 they usually cost)

we could have nothing to replace it but I'm really keen for him to have something decent to sleep in as he often goes down from 8pm-midnight so it's not very practical for him to sleep on one of us or in something like bouncer for such a long period......and I'm not prepared to put him to bed in crib in our room while we're downstairs at night coz of SIDS guidelines

any thoughts?


  • How about a toddle/poddle pod?

  • My sister got a cheaper crib for downstairs as she was in the same situation as you - her boy outgrew the moses basket in no time! I like ww's suggestion of the poddle pod as well though - I don't think my sis considered it for her little guy.

  • We found a smaller size travel cot, I think it was from Kiddicare, is was only 1m rather than 1.2m like most others.  Worked well as we used it as a play pen too, and for somewhere safe to put her if I needed a wee etc!

  • Olivia just sleeps on me, or we go to bed earlier and watch tv up there. You could sling? Or a nice padded playgym mat?

  • I'm not massively keen on him sleeping on me in the evening as he does that the rest of the day ATM and it's nice yo have my hands free for once lol. We don't have a tv in our room and my hubby doesn't get home till 8pm so if we went to bed when Max was ready we'd never see him lol He's got himself into abit of night time routine and sleeps so well in the Moses basket that I'd like to continue that. Perhaps a slimmer travel cot or another crib is the best way to go....never heard of a toddle/poddle pod - I shall have a look at those

    Thanks ladies :)

  • I have a friend whose baby used to be quite happy sleeping on a sit me up cosy, like this...,default,pd.html

    Plus you can then get more use out of it once M is older by folding it in half to use as a sitting support ;-)

  • We only stopped using the bassinet of a travel cot a month ago- o is nearly 7 months. I would use a travel cot, even when you lose the bassinet the cot will be useful in the future.
  • We used a travel cot or the pram or thebkuncy chair. Sometimes he just slept on a blanket on the couch. My first 2 babies we had the fisher price newborn to toddler rocker. It's great cos lies flat when they're babies then goes more upright as they get older. Third baby we had a baby Bjorn bouncer which was also great

  • Once S outgrew her Moses basket she also decided she didn't like to nap unless she was in the car or in her pram :( luckily it was summer so at least the weather was nice for all the walks I had to go on!

    We couldn't fit her cotbed in our room so got a cheap crib from kiddicare, it was only about £30 but she slept really well in it and we've popped it in the loft for next time.

  • How about the pram?  R only napped in the pram until he stopped napping altogether.

  • I think I'm preferring the idea of a travel cot.....when he goes down at 7/8pm he's sleeping till around 2/2.30am ATM so like the idea of having something abit more than the pram for him to sleep in at that time (it's ok for naps) as I don't want to be in bed at that time so he'll be downstairs with us until he can go into his own room at night

    Porkchop - do you know which one it was you brought?

    Imp - which one do you have?

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