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Pampers nappies - really heavy when wet?

Anyone else use pampers? I have some as was given them as a present during my baby shower (size 2s) and I've been using them for night time nappies as M is currently sleeping for up to 5hr stretches at night and I thought they might be abit more absorbent than some of the others we have (dunno why, probably pure marketing!) and although I know he wees quite abit the nappy looks and feels REALLY heavy when it's wet. Is it to do with the crystals/gel they use or do I have a baby that is an Olympic wee-er?? We're using tescos/asda ones during the day (Not keen on the asda ones as they leave his bottom abit wet but am using them up as didn't have the receipt to return them so would only let me exchange, and as we change more regularly during the day I'm not as fussed about them)


  • Yeah, we used pampers until her cord fell off and they do get really heavy when wet. Didn't use any other brand though so can't compare.

  • We've used pampers and found them to get really heavy. We've used quite a few asda, aldi and found sainsburys to be the best for us.

  • Glad I'm not the only one!

    MS - we've tried a range too and I prefer tesco so far. Trying to use up a stash I bought before though lol

  • It must be the chemicals that Pampers use, as they're way heavier than cloth but I would expect cloth to be the heaviest.

  • Yes I'd have thought so too Saffron

  • We sometimes use disposables overnight and S is a serious super-soaker so they're always really heavy. I've not noticed a difference in weight between pampers and other brands though but could just be S's elephant sized tank! I usually buy what on offer but generally I think Tesco have been the best for us too in terms of leaks.

  • Popcorn, have you tried Little Lambs bamboo two parters overnight? They're fab!

  • That's what we use saffron, along with bamboozle stretch.

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