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Nappies - night time change



  • Same issue as saffron - M falls asleep mid feed and 9 times out of 10 will go straight down again without waking up. If he wakes up it can be an hour so too. So think I will have to stick  with changing before and tolerate the noise for now......interesting you should say that about being size 3s or 4sbefore being able to go that long........makes me wonder how some people who formula feed and have babies who sleep through the night much earlier  than BF babies manage from a nappy perspective (another forum I'm on has some FF Babis sleeping through from 6 weeks!)

  • I think formula is harder for them to process, and so takes longer for them to pass. BF babies wee more and poop more, as it's so easy do them to digest.

    Interestingly, I finally got around to reading my NHS looking after baby booklet that I was given in hospital. It says (from birth) to set the scene for night time, low lights, soft voices, and only change the nappy if absolutely that's put my mind at rest

  • I probably should have read that book saffron lolol I think I have it somewhere ha! We already do the low lights, etc which works really nicely. Occasionally throw a bath in there too

  • I know, she's six weeks old and that's me just getting a chance to look at it Laugh

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