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baby's eyesight

At 6 weeks i realised my baby couldn't see. She is now 8 wks. I'd suspected for a while but didn't want it to be true.

Her eyes look normal and everyone kept saying to me that she was so alert looking around at everything but i knew it wasnt normal that she didn't look at faces, objects or hold eye contact.

My heart is breaking. I know that finding a cause of infant eye problems is tough and a long stressful road. I'm scared she will be totally blind. I'm scared that she has a condition that will affect her in more ways that just her eyesight.

She doesn't smile. I feel like we have no communication.

I'm scared and hate myself for thinking why us. We had fertility issued, suffered miscarriages, finally got preg but it was a challenging one. I thought it was finally all over when my perfect baby girl was born but still i don't get my happy ending.

What will our life be?


  • Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time.  Have you been to the Dr's and got referred to a specialist?  I did that with my son as I thought he had a squint (as I do), my GP wasn't sure so we got referred to Birmingham Children's Hospital where they did various tests.  He was a bit older by the time we went to the hospital, just gone 1, but they were still able to do lots of tests on him.  Maybe you could also try contacting a charity like the RNIB and see what they say about eye problems in babies?

    Good luck with everything XX

  • Hi just wanted to come back and update this post as when I was searching about my baby's eye issues I found a lot of posts but no one seemed to return to tell how it all turned out!  So in case anyone stumbles across this looking for hope I hope I can offer some!!

    After realising my baby could not see,  at 8 weeks we saw an eye specialist who dilated her eyes and looked at the structure etc. He said nothing wrong she has dvm,  delayed visual maturation and her eyesight will come.  We were terrified but he was right.  At 9 weeks we realised she could see black and white patterns.  And it steadily improved from there.  In about 4 weeks our girl went from seeing nothing to seemingly seeing normally.  She is now at 16 weeks,  a dream.  Stares into our eyes and smiles gorgeously!  Today the eye clinic confirmed what we knew.  She sees normally.  The biggest worry I've ever faced but we got thru it.  I hope I can be of help to others who have a baby diagnosed with dvm x

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