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Hi just wondering if anyone else on here is expecting twins I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant with a Bogof.  Babies are due 20.01.16 but prob more new year if we are lucky hopefully not Xmas.



  • Hey Kayagh, we have a member in the December Birth Club called Flaxley and she's due triplets! 

  • Hello Kayagh. Congratulations on yr twins!! Im expecting triplets lol!!  We are some way in the same boat. Im 17+2 due 1 Dec and like you will prob be earlier  Xx

  • Wow triplets congratulations.  It's a whole different ball game when there is more than one.   I have 3 older children and never considered we would get double trouble hahahaha just about over the shock.  They are little miracles we weren't even sure if we get one due to previous ectopic.  I was told they aim for 37 weeks with twins bet that's different with triplets.  Here's hoping for safe deliveries long may they stay tucked up inside tho I'm sure I wimy be thinking that come December hahahaha.  12 days til my next scan can't wait it's exciting but nerve wracking are yours identical or seperate sacs. 

  • I too was even shocked i didnt believe it I nearly fell off the seat!! Yes they are little miracles we consider to be very blessed. there are no twins in the family so no idea where i got it from Haha.  Do u have any?

    yes they are non identical and have their own sacs.

    iv been told 33 weeks but i hope to keep them tucked in as long as i can. 

    my next scan is in 7 days xx

  • My maternal grandmother was a twin but didn't stop daddy thinking he was a stud hahaha.   I never considered it as I didnt feel that much different to other pregnancies in fact first test I took was very weak on the day I was due on and I did a clearblue every week and all seemed as if normal hormones.  the twins are same own placenta own sac they said need to wait til born to confirm defo non identical but think it's unlikely must have produced 2 eggs but I don't mind.  You must be showing already I imagine I'm getting a little pouch already.  Only thing that's been different is wind that's been awful the joys hey.  I can't wait to feel them move again probably regret saying that too.  Think it be rounds of scans and tests etc for the next few months 

  • I has very bad sickness at start with sleepyness and was hospitalised with dehydration. But who doesnt have that!! It was then i found out from a scan at 11 weeks.  before i tested i had lost my appetite and had heartburn!! My mom even thought that was strange. 

    I have only put on 3kg so far as im quite petite but i do have a little bump now beginning. This is my first pregnancy image

    i can now feel slight movements  only thing will be hard is keeping track of the 3  whos doing what!!

  • Yeah appetite non existent but need to eat I have suffered with dehydration nothing too bad tho think I'm just luckyThe odd dizzy spells are frustrating and tiredness but nothing too extreme  I have to say I was more sick with my middle daughter.  I think these are boys.  Can only begin to imagine what it feels like with more than one inside can't wait but bet it feels like an octopus having a fight hehehe.  They say heartburn is worse with multiples all the joys hey.  what annoys me is when people are told mainly my family that it's twins and it's omfg you won't cope with that don't envy you at all what a nightmare.  Yet my two girls were 16 months apart and I survived them they are now nearly 9 and just turned 10 my eldest is 14 and my new hubby his daughter is 7 so we will be like the waltona hehehehe I not scared tho I know I can do it. Love these babies so much just can't wait to get past 12 weeks.

  • Ahh im sure you will have no problem at all as you have done it all before with your daughters what a beautiful family you will get once twins are born. I on the other hand have my hands full esp being a first timer but my mom will be on hand. My husband has 2 from previous who live with their mum dont know how they will react.

    U dont have long left till 12 wks im sure eveything will be fine and u will get some beautiful pics. Ru going to find out the sex?

  • Thankfully since i was admitted into the hospital i have gained my appetite back and from 15 wk my vomiting stopped. No dizzy spells tho? Hows your blood pressure? I have been put on tablets for heartburn and daily aspirin to prevent pre eclampsia yet my bp is normal. God knows how many blood tests we have to go through!!

  • Yeah I've got aspirin to take from 12 weeks to prevent pre eclampsia and due to other risk factors my age etc the have put me on heparin injections too twice a day til 8 weeks post delivery yet to know the full implications of that likely a planned birth will be necessary.  Bp ok at the moment so that's all good.  the only thing I can eat without feeling rubbish is pasta just plain no sauce as long as I do that I don't feel too bad.  It will be blood tests galore I think will look like a pin cushion by delivery.   I'm hoping to avoid a section but got to wait and see Babies safety come ls first.  Either way I wouldn't change having twins for anything us woman are good at multi tasking hehehe.  My hubby will be home for approx 2.5 months when they are born so I'm very lucky but then he will go back for three months working on a ship and that's will be my real test of strength.  

  • Im sure you will do fine but just miss the hubbie x

  • How are you feeling flaxley.  I'm just counting the days to next scan 

  • Ladies, just wanted to chip in, you guys are gonna have the best bumps ever! Please take some belfies as you progress! We'd love to see them!

  • Hi kayagh. I had my 18wk scan today and babies are doing well. It was beautiful seeing them again. 1 was bit naughty in scan hee heee. 

    Your 12 wk scan is next week isnt it? Finally get past the 12 wk mark!! Wahoo. How are you feeling. 

    Iv started the quickening feeling. X

  • Hi danielle. 

    Ofcourse i would love to put some belfies up but being a size 8 my belfie of 3 hasn't quite peaked yet as much as i would like but im sure i wil soon be very big and i will imageimage

  • Yes 12 weekd next week then to start aspirin.  I can't wait to see them again.  You are lucky not showing my work trousers are fit to burst and jeans just are to uncomfortable.  I'm getting fluttering sensations one low down and one higher up I'm sure they are the twins.  I felt my daughters at around 13 weeks so I think it's possible.  I have booked a gender scan for the15.08 To try find out what flavour they are.  Sounds like all is going well flaxley.

    danielle definitely put up some pics soon slightly scary how much of a baby bump it will be I was huge with my others they were big babies hope these two aren't ????

  • yes some of my clothes are tight on me now too, so i am now buying bigger sizes rather than maternit. My jeans are too uncomfortable so im just in leggins etc. my back hurts i cant stand straight and i get told off from my family for hunch back. image

    I had a scan in my 14 wk and they told me the gender so you may not need to wait until your appointment in aug?  

    I can't believe how much shopping iv done so far my living room has been completely taken over!! image

  • Hahahaha shopping yes I have lista and lists so far plan to go get first teddies and little snow suits but doubt I'll stop there after scan in august we are moving in 5 weeks so I don't know if I will get another scan here before we move and I need to rebook and register as soon as we move which is why we booked a scan with baby scan.  Once we have had the all clear etc it's shop shop shop before I get to big and uncomfortable prams car seats nappy bins omg nappies how many a day we will need lol. I just hope these two aren't as big as my other kids coz they weighed 8.6 9.8 and 8.13 imagine if these weigh that I'll not be able to move.  Hopefully hubby coming home in about 3 weeks I can't wait. 

  • Ahhh poor you moving house yes u should definitely consider buying before the move and yes before you get huge, going by the sounds of your last they will be big image

  • I know but the move is worth it we are moving quite a way from here too.  But going from a small 3 bed semi to a house in the country with plenty of land for kids to play.  it will be worth it just the moving but is hard work but I've got a removal firm doing a lot.  I hope these two aren't too big no more than 7 each I've told them as long as they are healthy we deal with everything it will throw our way.  Even when highlight of the day is the journey to the sofa hahahaha I'm scared of how big my bump will get I googled too shouldn't have done that 

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