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3 month baby cries all day

Hi! I am in need of advice. My 3 month old baby just seems to cry all day for the last 2 weeks. I have been following the wonder weeks app but apparently she should be in the 'sunny' spot now but shes still so stormy! She is sleeping at night ( although wakes twice) and is napping during the day. I thought maybe she was tired but she slept for 2 hours yesterday and still woke up cranky. Asoon as i put her down she starts and is in consolable. She doesnt play or smile anymore she just cries and is grumpy. Ive tried infacol but nothing!! She has a bit of a cold could this be doing it? Im seriously at my wits end because we are not bonding and im fearful all the crying and not playing is having an adverse affect on her development. Anyone else experienced this??? Help!! 


  • Hiya I would maybe take her for a check up.  Are you breadtfeeding or bottle could be maybe developed an allergy.  its distressing when they cry all the time.  Does anything make her feel better usually if it's wind a bath can help.  But I would definatEly take her to the doctor if ita making you feel so down.

  • I was breastfeeding but i dried up so have been on the formula. I did take her to the docs and they said she was fine ???? thanks for the bath idea though ill give that a go

  • Hmmmm I'm thinking it could maybe be a milk intolerance my best friends son got like that he was just unhappy all the time tho a cold could be leaving her with wind on the belly.  Another useful tip is prop her cot up slightly so she sleeps with her head higher up.  If you try the bath take a flannel and place it over her belly if its wind or colic it should feel nice for her my dd used to love that when she was grizzly.  I hope you get it resolved soon.  It could also be a bit if desperation anxiety does she settle when you hold her or is there no consoling her at all. 

  • Thanks so much for all these tips. It's just so hard to see her like this ???? and yes she does settle when I pick her up and she shoves her head right into my chest. That's what was making me think she wasn't in pain because she stops crying. Babies are very confusing!  And frustrating. 

  • Argh sounds a bit like seperation my dd was breadtfed for 7 months and became a nightmare I couldn't leave her she would get so upset to the point she would throw up.  I eventually did controlled crying to teach her to self sooth and it changed everything I also stopped feeding myself made things easier but the days I spent in tears with her was unreal.  Trying to remind myself why am I doing all this again lol thought my days of nappies was done But life throws us curveballs.  Good luck trying to get to the bottom of it try not to stress as she will sense that I know it's hard when they are like that but it will get easier.

  • Hi, I've never heard of a sunny spot, but every  single child is different. I believe mothers and children are connected with their minds!  so if the doctor gives you the all clear for Intolerances etc and you're still at your wits end with the crying imagine you're in her little shoes and think about what you might be crying about. A bit airy fairy I know but when its seeks of crying you need anything!

  • Or could very well be the start of teething. Can happen as early as that, gets easier !

  • Hi, if baby settles when she snuggles/ is held by you try sleeping with a soft balnket for a night then swaddle her with it, it picks up your scents and reassures her mom is still near.

    My son was a fan of swaddling but wouldn't settle in clean blanket - had to be a few days in his cot before he would settle with it and my nan told me to try sleeping with it first ( I'd wrap it around my pillow under the case )

    Also is baby being satisfied by her feeds?  I don't know about her routines etc but all my kids began to need more / a bit of soggy baby rice well before the guided scales - one son was 9 weeks! ( he was gulping 8 oz bottles then wailing an hour later - my mom gave him a bit of rusk and he settled and slept thru!)

    As she has a cold you could also try a dish of water with a drop of olbas oil in it placed in the same room, it will give off the slightest hint of scent but maybe enough to help a sniffle x

    Hope my ramblings help x I know how awful it is to see baby distressed but its kind of trial and error

  • What milk is your baby on...I had to put my lite girl onot formula as the same happened to me...she was 6 weeks premature so was advised to put her on aptamil hungry milk to help her gain the weight...This didn't agree with her so put her on the aptamil first milk...still didn't agree with her then tried her on sma but was still bad...crying all day!!!!! And seemed to be in pain woth her tummy I took her to the docs as I thought she may have an intolerance to it. They said no she's fine and that I was overreacting and baby's can cry like this and to keep her on the sma gold...I had enough and changed her to the sma comfort milk and she loved it...wasn't constipated anymore and seemed to settle again after feeds...maybe it's something in the formula thats she can't quite deal with and digest very well 

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