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cradle cap - eyebrows

Hi all, 

Just seeking some advice, FTM here. My 6.5 week old lil man has had dry hairline / forehead for 10 ish days now but with the help of olive oil & cotton wool each night its pretty much gone.

However I can't seem to do anything to help with the slight cradle cap he has on his eyebrows!! Right in the middle giving him the look of a unibrow / star trek character! I've googled and can only really find advice for scalp. 

We've used the olive oil before bath for about week now & tried rubbing off the soft flakes but doesnt seem to have done anything and can't tell if its actually made it worse.

I know different remedies work for different babies but:

Would dentinox and maybe cotton bud or wool help? 

Or the CC cream you can get? 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 




  • Hi Lou. My first baby had really bad cradle cap that actually started in her eyebrows and spread upwards. I did the old olive oil, and rubbed it with a dry flannel to help loosen it. In all honesty, and this might be frowned upong, but i used the Dentinox and the olive oil but what helped shift for me was actually Head and Shoulders shampoo. I used that on her head and eyebrows when in the bath, and then used to lift (picked!) it off as she napped on me. IT's gross isn't it!

  • My 5 year old has had cradle cap since day dot...she also has other skin conditions but over the years we have tried many things to clear it up some prescribed others we have researched and brought. To date the best one for her has been coconut oil...It comes in a little tub and is solid but when you rub it it melts and makes a lovely liquid oily substance (smells lovely too!). She has it mainly on her scalp, behind her ears and forehead. To treat on her scalp we rub it in then leave it for a while and then lift it with a nit comb works amazing. She has long hair now so we have to wash her hair throughly otherwise it looks greasy. On her face/ears we find that applying the coconut oil then leaving and gently easing off with a flannel like you would exfoliate. 

  • I always used bicarbonate of soda. Place a little in the palm of your hand and add a few drops of water, rub into the scalp then rinse off. I used a fine tooth comb to remove the loose bits. Keep repeating every few days and it will be clear.

  • Hi, my baby had the same problem, the cradle cap was all over his forehead and around his eyebrows and the top of his nose. I used grapeseed oil for his forehead, but just used E45 lotion for his eyebrows. It seemed to do the job well. Even though it's gone now, if he rubs his head he gets really dry flaky skin around his eyebrows but I carry on using the lotion and it soon Disappears.

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