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Fatherhood makes men more sexist: do you agree?


Men get more sexist once they've had a baby. That what scientists say, after finding evidence that when men become fathers for the first time, they tend to adopt more traditional views about gender roles in the home.

After surveying nearly 2000 people before and after having their first child, researcher in Germany and Australia, found that fatherhood brings about a 'sexist shift' in many men, meaning they're more likely than before their baby was born to think women should fulfil the brunt of housework and care duties.

Does this ring true for you? 

When you had your first baby, did your partner expect you to do more of the housework? Did you previously share the chores more equally?

And did your baby's father just assume it was mostly your job to look after the baby?

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Please do let us know by adding a post to this thread.





  • I think I am very lucky then - my partner does not let me clean the house or do laundry - I only do the cooking, many times he does that as well. He said it is enough for me being woken up every other hour or two by a hungry baby 😊 He tries to help me as much as possible (I think he is concerned as I look like a zombie 😂). When he is at home, he takes our baby to another room in the mornings for an hour or two (until our little one is hungry again😊) - and lets me get some sleep. And he always changes the nappy when he is around. He is wonderful. 😊

    Here is a picture I took of them both 😍


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