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sleepyhead - reviews?

Hi all 

My 6.5wk old LO will happily sleep for hours on this comfy inflatable bear we have from Mothercare and I'm guessing its because he's cosy and warm but still open and spacious. He doesnt settle as well or as quickly in his Moses basket especially at night.
We also think cramped in our room we disturb him and he disturbs us. And Moses basket is enclosed and not spacious! I know their vision is limited at moment but not much to look at! 
In the next few weeks were contemplating moving him into his own room and cot. I know a few people who've done it earlier than 6 months for this reason and the fact baby has outgrown the basket, which we reckon will happen soon too! 

So, we were told to try the Moses basket in the cot for a few weeks as sort of transition for him but I've just come across the Sleepyhead. 

Anyone used or experienced with this? Would it help him settle at night perhaps or help with transition to cot? I know all babies are different but generally speaking? 


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