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Did you have a hairy baby? Or a baldy one?


We've just been reading a story about a baby boy who had so much hair, he had to have TWO haircuts before he was even 6 months!

And that's got us thinking about how 'differently hairy' babies are when they're born. (I had one hairy one, one almost completely hairless one and one kind of in the middle.)

So, we're hoping you can tell us how much hair (if any) your baby was born with? And whether they've still got lots of hair/not much hair now?

Please do let us know by adding a post to this thread.

We'd LOVE to see some pics – that really would make our day!


  • He was a few days old here 😊image

    And now he is almost 3 months old 😊


  • Ah no pics but both my son and daughter were baldies (no signs of eyelashes or brows either for my daughter!) she was bald for months. Nowadays at 15 and 18 both have an abundance of long, thick, curly hair! Wondering what no.3 will be like image

  • image

    This is a photo ( of the photo) of our daughter at a few days old, she was a bit red due to congestion from a super fast delivery but was born with a mop of dark hair ! She is now 7 and had the thickest blonde hair in the family lol

    All our are born blessed with a head of hair but she wins the prize for the thickest! ( must have been the heartburn lol)

  • Sorry no pics yet but my daughter was born with lots of thick dark hair but she is now 5 and a half months and her hair has really thinned out and gone blonde! 

  • My first was very hairy and still is lol


    My second was a baldy but at 16 months finally has a head full of lovely blonde hair lol 


  • My lo was hairy even had hair on her ears which has still not disappeared and she is 16wks i had no heartburn and she was a week early. 

  • my son was born with lots of thick dark hair but she is now 8
    months and his hair has really thinned .... have not pic yet ....

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