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please help!!!

Hi I really am looking for any advice on this....

My son is 5 weeks old he was 3 weeks early but since he has been born he's been straining. At first I thought it was because the formula was to heavy (sma gold) so I changed him to the apitnal comfort it seemed to get worse so I took him to the hospital he prescribed him lacttalose at to take 1ml a day and to use infacol before a feed. ..That didn't seem to workso I took him again when they told me he could be lactose intolerant so to put him on that milk which I have done 3 weeks later he his still straining to the point where he makes him self sick sometimes he's still on the lactalose but still not regular and hard Its breaking my heat seeing him like this any advice or similar stories I'm willing go try anything please x


  • My second baby was terribly constipated to the point her bottom used to bleed her stools were SO hard. The only thing that fixed it was baby Movicol - it's a powder you put in their milk and it absolutely changed my baby - go to your GP, say the Lactulose is useless (even if you give more) and request the Movicol.

    Good luck!

    ps you need your doc to test for lactose intolerance - try to stop chopping and changing the milk too. Movicol baby will fix it!

  • ive told them I'm not changing the milk again so I'm staying on the lf formula it can't do I him any harm I just feel like they don't know what there talking about? Did you put the moovicol in every bottle??x

  • No, we used a third of a sachet every other day in one bottle - my baby at the time was quite a bit older (7 months old) but pretty sure you can use it on babies, tho your gp will have to prescribe x

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