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Please help

Post deleted by MadeForMums. Here's a link to our Chat guidelines.


  • I'm thinking from your screen name that you live in arkansas... If your baby's medical billd are not covered by medicare & you are a 'low income family' thrn you will more than likely be eligible for the arkidsfirst programe... This programme already provides health insurance coverage for more than 70,000 chikdren in AR. 

  • Hello arkansasluvsb and welcome to MadeForMums.

    We're afraid we're going to delete your post because we have a policy of deleting posts that ask for money – because, sadly, some nasty pieces of work (not you, obviously) do post in this way purely to scam people.

    We're so sorry to hear about your baby's very premature birth – and we wish you, and him, all the best in the weeks ahead.

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