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Do I need to wash all new baby clothes?!

as you can imagine we have bought tons and been given loads of baby clothes for our new arrival. I've read that you must always wash new born clothes, but is it really a necessity to wash everything?


  • Hi

    My first baby I washed absolutely everything in non bio washing liquid and washed all his clothes separately! I think it's a personal choice. I washed all bedding,vests to soften them really and the new bits I had.however when friends and family arrived with yet more clothes I just used them then washed them!! Eventually all baby clothes just went in with my normal washing!! I have 3 children and by the 2nd & 3rd you tend to not worry so much haha. Do whatever you feel is right for you there is no right or wrong answer here!! Good luck when your new baby arrives:) x

  • Thank you for your advice! it's appreciated! Hopefully won't take too long sorting through everything & washing it X

  • Hiya they advise that you do, as the factory's they are made aren't necessarily "clean" on the safe side I would personally.....(prevention is cheaper then the cure) 

    congratulations and good luck 😉

  • I always do, you never know who touches the clothes, they might have been displayed for a while before u bought them. Better safe ☺️ And nothing can replace the smell of freshly washed clothes 😁 xx

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