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Sensitive skin

my 12 week old baby has got very sensitive skin, can any one Recommend any products to use. Some one told me to try olive oil but not sure. 

Any suggeestions wouls be great. 


  • Tiana organic coconut oil is lovely. I use it on my 11 weeks old baby and it's wonderful. I massage it into his skin after each bath. You can find it in holland & barret. I've tried others, but Tiana is the best. I use it myself as a moisturiser and my partner uses it as a face cream ☺️ Weleda products are quite nice as well and Handmade Naturals (I use their dream bottom baby cream and their baby bath products). Organic products are always the best choice when it comes to baby's skin xxx

  • Hi I have 2 of my 5 children with very sensitive skin, olive oil is great as a moisturiser for dry skin areas but I don't use anything but water for their baths as it dried out their skin even more !

    I used the pure water babywipes later on for bottoms and could use bepanthen for sore bottom s as sudocreme aggravated them as did pampers and Huggies nappies - the pulp is bleached white and made their bums blister - we had to shop around and try every nappy lol   surprisingly aldi nappies were the best for ours so we stuck to them.

    They are now 7&4 and have largely grown out if the sensitivity, apart from some shampoos / bath products they can't use and fabric plasters ! 

    Good luck x

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