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Do you do the 'pull test' on your baby's dummy before you let your baby have it?


We've just been hearing a scary story about a dummy breaking and the snapped-off teat lodging on the baby's airway.

Luckily, the baby was OK (phew) but, apparently, the dummy manufacturers say we should be checking our child's dummy for wear and tear before every use and doing the 'pull test' on it – where you pull hard on the teat, and tug on the handle and ring, to make sure nothing will give way under pressure.

We have to confess, we'd never heard of the 'pull test' – which made us wonder if any of you have?

Have you heard of the 'pull test'?

And, whether you have or not, did you know we're supposed to check a dummy over before giving it to a baby – every time?

Please do let us know by adding a post to this thread.




  • Hi!

    I had never heard of that test before! you definitively do it from now on... really scary thinking that could happen!

    What I do is change it every 2 months and I always have 2/3 on hand so he doesn't always use the same one.

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