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my 16 month old was premature born at 34+3 had a birth weight of 4lb 2oz when born he has had reflux since birth hasnt gone away since 

he refluxes loads of times during the day and when he does he brings it up then swallows it back down and coughs after he has swallowed it he has been sick on occasions too and also he has a cows milk intolerance dont know what to do surely it must be causing him pain even when he drinks he coughs he is 16 months old and walking 


  • Have gps looked at putting bub on baby gaviscon? My son had extreme reflux and ended up having to have perscription formula but for most babys the gaviscon sachets work wonders 😊 chin up though reflux in babies usually peeters off around the age of 18months to 2 years

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