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5-6 weeks pregnant and period like cramps but no bleeding!

Hi girls! Im 20 years old I did 5cheapish tests and they were all positive so I then did 2 digital clearblue tests and they came up with the word pregnant 2-3 I went to my doctors and she said this would mean im around 5 weeks pregnant and has booked me in to see the midwife in 2 weeks. Since iv found out iv been having period like pains (no bleeding) they seem to come and go but im woundering is this normal because I really feel like im going to come on!! Iv also been crying for no reason. 

Sorry for rambling on! This will be my first baby. Any replies would be really helpful and put my mind at rest. Thankyou!!


  • Hi 😊

    If you are really concerned, I think you should see your GP. I had the same problem when I was pregnant and I was sent to have an early scan (not because they were worried, as they said it is normal to have that kind of pain) - I had a scan because they wanted to calm me down and give me reassurance, as I was crying thinking that something is wrong. You could also ring your local EPU (Early Pregnancy Unit) - they are the best to give you an advice and tell you what you need to do. Ring your local hospital and ask to be transferred to EPU or given their number (or search it on Google). Good luck! And don't forget: it's better to be safe! Xx

  • Hi there, I’m 5/6 weeks pregnant, I started spotting at the weekend light with mild tummy cramps, however nothing has changed I’m still bleeding light and cramps to this this day, day 4! I went to EPU this morning, scan didn’t show anything and nor did internal scan. Had my bloods takeN and just phoned up and they are 1008hcg, need to go back in 2 days for more bloods to see if they rise or fall! I’m so worried as this time last year I had an ectopic. The doctors seem to be swaying towards a miscarriage but can’t rule it as I took another positive test this morning. Could I be too early for them to see anything on the scans? Could it be implantation bleeding?

  • image But every pregnancy is different 

    have you been re scaned 

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