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Would you pin this note on your door when your baby's born? Is it brilliant or just rude?


We've just seen this note on Imgur – the person who posted it up says, "The midwives asked to put this on the front door after my home birth: good advice for every birth!" 

What do you think of the note?

Is it a brilliant, helpful list of all the things you'd want friends and family to do for you in the first few days of your life as a new parent?

Or is it actually all a bit rude and schoolmarmy? 

It's divided opinion here in the MFM office, so we'd LOVE to know what you think. Please let us know by adding a post to this thread!


  • I think it's unfriendly. I agree with lots of what's said but if I'd popped round to see my friend's new baby and saw this on the door, I'd be pretty offended. You can say all that a lot nicer.

  • I'm sorry, I know it's meant to come off as helpful but that is pretty rude. (it's not witty enough to be brilliant). 

    If I was visiting my friend or family member and saw that I'd also think it was a bit ridiculous. Your closest friends and family (i.e. the people who will be visiting you) should be able to be told when enough is enough and not have to take instruction from a note.

  • I personally don't find it rude. Rather I find it helpful! When I asked family of the baby to just give me notice before coming round I was told I was rude and that it was absurd and not normal to ask. Something like this would have backed me up! 

  • I was a midwife and knew how tired new mums were and a lot of family do not take a hint .new mothers can have overload with visitors and need to rest and learn how to breast feed their baby .Maybe the note could be better written but people need to space out their visits and the new dad only gets a short time off .With the advent of Twitter and Facebook new pictures of baby can be put online quickly .i used to go into many a house where the new mum was in tears due to tiredness

  • I find it ok, it  could be written in a different way though. I remember when I came home with my baby that I didn't want visitors straight away (except for family members). I have told all the others that I will let them know when we are ready for visits. Some said I was rude. But I think the first few weeks with your baby are so precious (and hard!) and I just wanted to enjoy this time in peace 😀 I am so glad I did that! 

  • This may come off as quite abrupt. But, in saying that, if this is they way the new parents normally communicate with their friends and family than by all means. Perhaps it all depends on personal relationships of the new parents and their potential visitors. 

    Or the new parents are at their wits end and visitors have disregarded the new parents wishes. 

    This time is precious. Any way to deter clueless people at the time. Ha!

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