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Hi my baby girl is 4 weeks on Tuesday a don't know if she is fighting her sleep or could be teething when she's taking her bottle it's like she's grinding her gums on the teet Screaming when the bottle is in her mouth, then when she has her bottle she's being sick then looking for more, am just a new mum and feel helpless. Thank you



  • Hi, have you tried changing the teat? Sometimes they don't get the milk out quick enough to suit them and get really frustrated then when they do get milk they gulp it down which causes them to bring it back up ! 

    I had this with my son and it was trial and error to which teats suited best...a various flow was the winner !

  • My sister had a similar problem with her son and she was breast feeding have you checked the underneath of her tongue? My nephews tongue was fully connected to the bottom of his mouth which made it difficult to feed and he would throw up because he had got himself too worked up might be worth a look. 

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