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Sept 15 babies


This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Sept 15 Birth Club, who have all given birth to an equally lovely baby (hurrah!) and we reckon they deserve a nice new shiny thread to chat on.

If you've just had a baby (born Sept 2015), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a nice, friendly lot! 

We've also got a little bundle of baby things (see pic) to send to those who join this thread this week. We think we've got enough for everyone but we trust you'll understand that the members of the original Sept 15 Birth Club will get first dibs if we run out.)



  • Well i may as well get us started on this thread!. I'm hoping lots more people will come join the thread so we can keep in touch as our babies grow & change so much over the coming months... Looking forward to all of the exciting times ahead! image.

    how is everyone else feeling / managing with their newborns?

  • Hello shiny new thread!

    I didn't get to post on the other one to say how absolutely gorgeous your photos of Dayton were SW2! So beautiful. How are you getting on with the little man?

    Wren will be 3 weeks tomorrow. It's already going by far too quickly! Hubby went back to work after his paternity leave yesterday and even though my parents popped over for the afternoon/evening, I really struggled with getting both kids sorted at bedtime. Wren likes to cluster feed around our dinner time and into early evening. Obviously I can't physically be in two places at once so I can't put DS to bed any more. He really played up last night when I tried, and then Wren started howling for more milk! Something we'll have to work on!

  • Thanks mrs Biffy! :) ... have you got a new picture of wren you can post? I'm excited to see how quickly they change! 

    I have a question which you & some other mums may be able to help with... The doc told me initially that i should be feeding dayton every 2-3 hours & that i had to wake him at 3 hours if he wasn't waking. I know to start with this was super important as it helped flush out the jaundice but then the doc told me i needed to carry on feeding every 2-3 hours to help him gain weight, he is now past his birth weight (was 3oz over his birth weight last friday). At night I have still been waking him every 3 hours (sometimes he wakes himself) but last night i wanted to see how long he would go so left him 4 hours & he still hadnt woken up so i woke him up then to feed. Do you know when I can stop waking him to feed at night & just let him feed on demand? Ive read online & a lot of people say once your milk is in & baby has regained birthweight then you can let them sleep but i'm anxious to know what people have been told by their doc / midwife etc... What has your doc said?

  • That's a very good question - and one I can't answer definitively! But from what I've been told by other mum friends it's important to not go longer than 3 hours until back to birth weigh. After that I guess it's best to carry on 3/4 hourly feeds during the day but not necessarily at night. Can't say that my mw or gp have recommended one way or the other! I wake Wren during the day but not at night. She actually gets very cross if I try feeding her at night when she just wants to sleep! And her weight is piling on :)

    chubby cheeks!


  • I must admit this was my 4th section and it seems to be be the worst skylar is 3wks now and I still get abit uncomfortable with certain movements but she was worth it got health visitor tomorrow to c if she has gained weight which I'm sure she has lol how's everyone else getting on?  imageimageimage

  • Im bottle feeding and was told at first to not let her go longer than 4hpurs really I let her go what she wants threw the night which is between 4-5hours as long as they are feeding well my sister in law is breast feeding and she has always fed on demand and her baby doing really well if that helps x

  • Thanks for the advice guys! & both of your babies look beautiful! :)

  • lyra is fed on demand, i find if i feed her before she ready she doesnt take as much and brings it up since i spaced it out she not been sick and cant be doing any harm as her birth weight was 7 10 last week she was 8 5 and now she is 8 15 so i think it is what you feel is best.. way i see it is HV and MW can advise but they cant make you do it the way they said as all babies are different x

    imageimage lyra 3 weeks today and smiling :) 

  • Thanks sfw91! Im going to take all your guys advice... Everyone is saying the same so thats reassuring. I'm going to go get him weighed today so i have a baseline to monitor from & then start letting him sleep as long as he wants tonight.

  • Aww, look at that little grin! I think Wren is starting to notice me more and I had half a smile that wasn't wind related earlier on :D

  • lol i can relate to that miss biffy they do seem very pleased when they release wind... it amuses me how instantly relaxed lyra is when she trumps! 

    Has anyone decided on what contraception they are gonna start to use? i no some make you gain weight and some or not as good but curious which you guys plan on using as i cant make up my mind i did plan on getting coil but heard it can fall out (not very often) but if it does and i dont notice is my fear lol i want more lovely babies but not quite yet haha xx

  • i wouldn't worry about not noticing a coil falling out sfw... They teach you how to feel for the wire & you get to know where it should be & would def notice if it moved. My reason for never getting another coil is that it was excruciatingly painful getting it put in (ended up in a & e on morphine) as i then started comtracting extremely for several days. & then for about a year after thzt, every period or every time i got stressed i would feel it stabbing my insides when my uterus comtracted... It was very painful.

    I havr heard that this reaction is very unlikely omce you've had a baby as everything is stretched out more but i wouldn't want to take tnat chance.

  • My kids are my contraceptive! lol

    seriously though, I am going to discuss options with my GP at our 6 week check up but probably either implant or back on the pill. I hadn't had either for 3 years before we had DS but seeing as we definitely don't want more babies I can't risk it. 

  • I was steralised with this section so I'm sorted lol

  • SW2 they say it not common but i hear so much bad stuff with the coil lol.. i had injection in the past but side effects make me para with that as well as it weakens ur bones and as i have arthritus probably not the best lol x i dont have a clue what i want lol i need bigger house b4 i can have another so cant be getting caught yet 

    also what are your babies sleeping like are they settled in the cribs as i no they say not to but i have lyra in bed with me as she will not settle at all and cries till she struggles to breath when she is in the basket.. is anyone doing this... i feel its safer i did it with my first aswell...

  • Skylar feeds at 11 then once threw the night then when we r all up for breakfast she is going well 

  • Wren sleeps ok - we have one of those Sleepyhead cushions so she's more snug. I feel like that makes a big difference To our nights. Ds was a dreadful sleeper until he turned one! I think co-sleeping is perfectly natural and fine as long as you're careful. Sometimes it's the only way x

  • What is a sleepyhead cushion mrs biffy?

    since i stopped waking him for night feeds a few days ago dayton has slept for anything from 3-5 hours... The 5 hours is so nice!. He goes down into his basket awake & 99% of the time drops back off to sleep no trouble. Things i think help: we use swaddle sacks... He creates whilecwe are doing it up but stops as soon as he's nice & snug. Also we have a womb sounds bear which starts playing the sounds as soon as he cries... That seems to help soothe him.

    sfw... If you were going to consider a coil You could look at trying the copper coil... No hormones so hopefully that wouldn't have the side effects.

  • the sleepyhead is an oval cushion thing you can put in the cot. I tried finding a photo of Wren in hers but because I cover it in a blanket you can't see it well. This is from the website!


  • That's cool!. Daytons napper basket is similar to that but will def take a look at the sleepy head to see if its suitable for his age when we transition to his cot. Thanks!

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