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10 month old baby sick

my baby girl has bad throat only drank about 10 ounces in 24 hours very clingy and crying a lot should I take her er don't want to seem an over cautious mother 


  • Have you tried paracetamol?, it might be worth giving her some pain relief and offering little and often xx

  • Yeh been doing that she also hasn't opened her bowels for 4 days , she is on laxatives for that , think I'm just over worrying as last week she failed 10 month development Check and has been referred x

  • i think the development thing is a worry for you, I understand. try not to worry too much as babies develop at different stages... She may catch up in time with a little extra stimulation... Is she taling any solids? xx

  • She has a bit of solids not much few spoon fulls then doesn't want anymore xx

  • How's her temp? She could be teething. Try her with something she likes yogurt fruit ect and if she doesn't eat that I'd call the doctor xx

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