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Husband and baby.

can you help me? I'm not sure why I feel like this. But I have a 8 day old baby and feel like my husband doesn't love me like before. is this because of the baby. i start crying just thinking about how he might not love me like before. 


  • oh, Hun 😔

    hang in there. You are both getting used to a new life and it can be hard at the beginning. Talk to him, see what's on his mind. You have to help each other. all the best xxx

  • Hi Kaykashlata! And congratulations on your new arrival! 

    I agree with Mirela ^ you are both getting used to a new life with a baby! It is so tough because you may think that you're always busy with the baby and you're not having enough time to spend with your husband like before, but you have to know that the secret to a successful relationship is communication. You have got to communicate with your husband and tell him how you feel, the worst thing is hiding your feelings and besides I honestly don't think that he doesn't love you! I'm sure he does, you have just brought his baby to this life! he is and should in fact be very very proud of you! Life right now is just new to him and things are just starting to sink in. Soon he will love this new life and realise that this is the best thing that has ever happened to him!  

    Also during the first six weeks of having a baby, your hormones are still playing up. You start over worrying about things and feeling depressed, it's called "baby blues" try to fight it and tell yourself NO. I am a happy new mummy to my gorgeous baby and everything will be JUST perfect! Haha :D patience is the key x

    Good luck and wish you all the best sweet x

  • Ahh hang in there Hun. Having a baby is a BIG thing, you've got a whole new person to think about now, and it takes time to adjust and get to a good rhythm. I had a baby 10 weeks ago and I fit to say it wasn't was I thought it would be, it's much harder. But communication is key. Talk to him, chances are he thinks you love the baby more than you love him too!! All the best x

  • *got (not fit) haha

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