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Heat rash or baby acne

Hi ive just had a baby girl she coming up to 4weeks on Saturday and has really bad rash looking all over her face head and a little on her chest when i looked it up on Google to find out if its milk spots or heat rash the pictures look the same as what my daughter got so now im confused what my baby has and what can i use. 


  • Hi 😊 

    Express your concerns to your health visitor as well. I would stay away from all the products with nasty things in it. My little one had a rash around that age and I only used plain water to bath him until it was gone. And I used to massage him with organic coconut oil after bath, and it really helped him. Good luck with your little one xx

  • Oh, and be careful which laundry powder you are using. Rinse the clothes after washing with plain water (if your washing machine has this option) and iron your baby's clothes as well. All the best x

  • Thank you so much i will try that. 

  • Thank you i will try that. 

  • I hope it works for you too xx

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