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Oct 15 babies


This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our October 2015 Birth Club who have all given birth to an equally lovely baby (or babies! Hurrah!) and we reckon they deserve a nice new shiny thread to chat on.

If you've just had a baby (born Oct 2015), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a nice, friendly lot!



  • image little Sophia! So so happy with my baby girl!! How is everyone else doing with their gorgeous little babies?!

  • imagesleepy dust all round i think lol. Were doing good. Having problems with latching to the breast most feeds but hes putting weight on so thats main thing. Going to a breast feeding clinic tomorrow and my hv has been great, we just cant seem to het it right 😢 anyway hope your all well xxx

  • image

    This is my little squidge, picture taken at 7 days old. We are doing well but Daniel  is such a hungry little man but at a weight of 10lb5 born I suppose that's too be expected!! 

    Hoor everyone else doing well. X 

  • Ladies, you are killing me with all these incredible babies. SO jealous right now!
    Linzimina, have they checked for tongue tie? Sometimes it's really hard to diagnose (took a friend of mine a few weeks for someone to say 'Yes, that's it!' and then she was all sorted).

    You coping with the feeds abihylands?

    Rach2186, how's Sophia treating you - she's gorgeous!

  • I was going to say possible tongue tie. My first had one but luckily it hasn't effect him but they did warn me it could make breast feeding hard. Hopefully the clinic will help you either way and good news that he is putting on weight.

    Wow abi! Impressive birth weight! He is gorgeous though!! Such lovely photos!!

    Sophia is amazing, she's fitted in perfectly and is sleeping at night which is great news when I have two energetic boys to run around after! I just hope it lasts!! Xxx 

  • We had to switch to formula, after a section I couldn't cope with the breastfeeding, managed 5 days so I know I've given him a good start. 

  • I don't blame you abi! The thought of a section always scared me. Trying to heal from a normal delivery is bad enough without adding that to it! My first I combined fed because I struggled. I was lucky with my second and this little lady and it's come easily. Obviously hurts a lot to begin with but getting through to the other side now! Relief!! I keep saying how smooth it's all going and I swear I'm just jinxing it! Lol.

  • imagelittle corey 5 weeks old tomoz and doing great :) can't believe we have all had our babies now what a journey it's been. Hope everyone is doing well xxxxxx

  • Hoping to c what you lovely mommies think. Corey is formula fed and feeds very well in the day and wakes normally about half hour before his feed but the last week at his 2am feed I'm having to wake him and has gone from drinking 5oz at 2am to now drinking only an oz and a half it's getting harder and harder to get him to drink but he's sleeping soundly until he wakes up at half 5 ready for his 6. Do you think I should still continue to wake him or allow him to sleep? Xxxxxx

  • Early days for us with formula & Daniel not in any routine at all but I guess that'll come! He is only 9 days old! He takes an age to settle beteeen feeds at night which is exhausting. 

    if he's having plenty in the day linzi I wouldn't worry to much about it & enjoy the sleep! I can't wait for daniel to realise day & night!! 

  • He is gorgeous linz! As for formula feeding I don't know the best thing based on experience myself but I personally would let him sleep. I've only breast fed but that's all on demand and has no set timing. I figure my baby will tell me if she's hungry. As long as your little man is gaining weight then I wouldn't worry. He may just be having a quiet spell before going back to being hungry. I found with my boys they would have quiet sleepy days before a massive growth spurt. Xxx

  • Awww thank you both its difficult and saft really as this is my 3rd and all my kids have been great with feeds and slept through very early but not this young lol didn't know if he is to young to allow him to sleep or not that's the dilemma really. He still wakes for all of his other feeds but it's just this one lol. Xxxxxxx

  • I demand fed my first who was formula fed rather than at certain times and id say let him sleep. Thats prob why he aint taking as much when u wake him, coz hes not actually hungry. Enjoy the sleep! 

    Yeah weve had his tongue tie cut twice now. He also has a high narrow palate and cant take a dummy or that either and struggles with the teats on bottles so its just gonna be a work in progress i think. Lovely pictures everyone 😊 xxx

  • Hey ladies. Glad to hear all is well. My chunky monkey was 12 lb at his 6 week check!

    I breast fed for the first week then combine fed up to 4 weeks then solely formula after that. I've only just stopped beating myself up about it (which is not like me at all) I always said no pressure but I think it's more to do with the fact that I breastfed my eldest for 7 months and also expressed gallons so he took the bottle to give me some rest/freedom and wanted to treat them equally. Silly really.

    All the health care professionals have been surprisingly supportive and I'm getting used to it slowly.

    What's crazy is that the weights on both boys red books are pretty much exactly the same, and baby photos are identical, spooky!

    So much for formula fed babies sleeping through, I'm still up twice in the night after 11pm feed, but secretly I quite enjoy the private cuddles!

    Our main problem is constipation, switched to aptamil comfort  (which is really hard to get hold of and £2 a tub more expensive) and lactulose three times a day and we still only get about 2 poos a day maximum. Some days nothing and he really struggles bless him.

    Anyway, anyone getting any smiles yet? Xx 

  • imageStanley 7wks

  • He's gorgeous Gertie & doing great wigg his weight gain.  Don't beat yourself up over the breastfeeding, although I've been doing the same! I managed 5 days. Keep thinking if I was breastfeeding maybe he wouldn't have colic but then I've read lots of babies get whether bottle fed or breast fed! 

    I've tried to resist goong onto comfort milk as I've heard it's hard to get hold of. Daniel struggling (& mummy!) with colic. We were using infacol but that caused constipation so stopped that & now just on aptimsl & dr Browns bottles. We are up every 2/3 hours for feeds still #exhausting as it takes ages to settle him after a feed due to colic!! 

    Hopefully he'll soon start going longer through the night x

  • Hi ladies, we just wanted to stop by and see how those babies are treating you? You all doing ok?

  • What a gorgeous pic gertie! Can't believe you've already had your 6 week check! My docs do it at 8 weeks so that's all booked for Xmas week. Sophia's first immunisations are booked for Xmas eve. Feeling very guilty about putting her through that then but if I don't do it then she will be waiting even longer! Had to ring the health visitor as nobody had actually got in touch. First visit is tomorrow. Hopefully will get an update on weight. She's doing amazingly well at night still. Feeling very lucky! She has a couple of feeds and that's it. 

    Hope everyone else is doing well with their babies!! Xxx

  • image this is Sophia yesterday at 2 weeks and 4 days old!

  • OOooo Rach2186, those cheeks are so kissable!

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