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Hi mums

I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant with my first and although I couldn't be happier I am absolutely terrified! Wherever I look there are stories of ill or stillborn babies being born and I find myself crying every day worrying my little girl isn't going to be ok. Is that fear normal?  


  • Hey, it's completely normal to worry from the second you find out your pregnant until.. Well you'll always worry! That's what mums do! 

    Try not to read too many stories of stillborn babies- no need to scare yourself unnecessarily.

    At this stage in your pregnancy they would have been able to detect most abnormalities through scans, etc.

    Make sure you're kick counting - minimum of 10 a day - and if you are worried that baby hasnt moved as much then call your midwife/antenatal unit for advice (they'll probably ask you to go in so they can monitor baby's heartbeat for a while)

    Dont freak out if you go long periods without feeling the baby move - they're usually sleeping! with my last 2 they would kick like crazy for a few hours then nothing for the next day (think they exhausted themselves lol) xx

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