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very noisy baby during the night


I'm a first time mum and new to this forum.

My boy is 15 weeks on Saturday and by gosh he's a noisy sleeper (grunting and groaning,not sure if this is normal?) But these last couple of nights he's been really noisy more than usual he sounds like he's in pain, I've tried infocol and gripe water as I thought it was trapped wind but nothing seems to be working,  what could this be, I have his crib on a tilt to see if that helps but nothing.

Thank you for your help xx


  • My 8 week old is exactly the same... Grunting & huffing at night! I'm pretty sure it is gas as he pulls his legs up, squirms & lets out a grunt of little cry... Then once he farts he seems to settle for a minute or 2 before it starts again! Its so loud though that its keeping me up! I am trying gas drops but tbh they dont seem to be making a huge difference... If anyone else knows of a good gas remedy i would be very grateful for any advice!!

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