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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our November 2015 Birth Club who have all given birth to an equally lovely baby and we reckon they deserve a nice new shiny thread to chat on.

If you've just had a baby (born Nov 2015), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a nice, friendly lot!



  • Me again!

    Thought we'd also let you know about this new thread. It's a bit of 'come and say hello' thread for you and some of the other new mums from our Jan 15Sept 15 and Oct 15 Birth Clubs.

    It's not a replacement for this thread (as if!). We just thought you might like to have a little chat to some of the other lovely people who post in our babies topic. Do please pop over and say hello, if you'd like to.

    And please do also post away on here. Can't wait to see some new pics of those gorgeous babies of yours!

  • Hi Mummies, 

    How are you all doing? I have been home for my first night and so proud of how my little man has slept. 

    He had his last feed at 10pm, woke at 2.30, then went to 6.30. I feel truly blessed as he is not even 3 days old yet, and of course Neve absolutely loves her baby brother 😍 

    Here they are together, they make my little family complete ☺️image

  • Awww congratulations Nevesmummy, he's gorgeous.

    My little man is two weeks old today, hes been very ill past few days, was hoping for advice.

    He has very bad wind problems and sometimes I can't get him to burp after q feed :( past few days in the morning hel be pooing for 2 hours straight, farting alot and crying from all the straining, I've had to start using cream on his bum because it's got so sore from pooing alot

    Anybody else having this problem with their baby? Doctor earlier Said he could have coeliac, I don't know much about it?

    Would upload a recent pic of Elías but site won't load it,sorry ladies x

  • Hi Charrz81, sounds like the photo you're trying to upload is too large for the site. If you can reduce the size that should make it work. You can always mail it over to us at [email protected] and we can upload it for you.

  • Nevesmom they're adorable together. how sweet of your little man to sleep 4 hours at a time. My little one is on a 2 hour regiment. Yay ftM!

    charrz... Idk about colic either. Always hear everyone mention it. Hope he starts feeling better. Poor little man. 

    I started cloth diapers yesturday and it has been a success so far! They're a little big on my tiny premie size baby. :/ but they're doing the job. i was suppose to have a follow up doctors appointment yesterday after my csection but it was cancelled. But I'm wondering about tape that's still attached to my incisionS. They said it would fall off, but it's been 2 weeks and it's still on there pretty good. Does anyone know the time frame for it to fall off? 

  • imageHere's my LO today. 

  • Hi ladies :) 

    how are you all doing!? 

    My hubby goes back to work on Monday boo, I was wondering how any who had  section is getting on? Is it worse or better than you thought it would be?.. How are your bodies looking dare I ask :/

    ive got a lot of Freinds who have not had a section and have had normal births who want one! As I have nothing to compare it too I was wondering anyone who had a normal birth compares it? 

    love to all X 

  • Hi Alba, 

    im noticing that my stomach seems to be shrinking. my incision seems to be looking okay, but I can't quite see it as the location and tape is still covering it. My stomach isn't as firm as it once was but seems to be gaining more muscle control. My skin is super itchy and tender right above the incision. How about you? 

  • Hi baby dreamer, 

    im 1 month post op and funny you should say that because my scar is also itchy they say that's healing :) at about 3 weeks I had some pain overnight and woke up to my scar area being black and blue! When I spoke to my midwife she said its late bruzing. 

    I was really intrguied to see what would happen to me after baby as I only gained 9lbs my stomach went down very easily however at about 1 week post op I was in special care with baby and got rushed up to be checked out as I had the most horrific pain when I was examined they said that my uterus had just gone in all in one go instead of slowly like it should and I can't tell you how awful this was. I ended up having a dural tap 4 days after baby and had to be weighed before theatre and was back down to pre baby, my stomach also isn't as taut however it is going  more day by day. The recovery of c section wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be what about you? That first week was hell and then sudden just got so much better! I think a lot of it has to with protocol aswell.. At my hospital the dressing is removed 6 hours after operation whereas when I was transferd to another hospital to be with Hugo they were astounded because they don't remove it untill 7 days post op. I'm glad they did it so soon because I met a lot of ladies that then had a big fear of it being removed X 

  • Hi everyone! Eliott will be 4 week old on Thursday, how time flys! Health visitor has been and he's gained another 3lbs so is now 6lbs 6oz, hes still too small for some newborn clothes bless him lol

    hes feeding every 4 hours almost on the dot! Taking 3-4oz and has infacol to help with wind, he struggles to get it up and found it really helps! 

    Think I'm all healed up, about ready to resume the sex lifeimage Abit scared tho....anyone else started getting intimate yet? We didn't have sex when i was pregnant so I'm so ready to get back to it and get close with my OTL lol

  • Public service announcement to supersquish - don't forget how fertile you are post birth - some even say super fertile! image

  • My baby feeds mostly every 3 hours,some mornings I'm lucky enough for between 4-5 hours for his next feed.

    He has mostly had 3 Oz but since yesterday hasbeen wanting 4Oz

    He's only two weeks n a half,surely that's too soon for a growth spurt lol

    I have the washing machine on daily since he's been home, he needs a outfit change 4-5 times a day, quite a few times I've opened hi nappy n he's peed all over himself or it goes through his nappy,  can't believe how much he poos everyday as well, smells so bad most times lol


  • Lol charrz! Eliott has 2 outfits a day, day and night change, we don't have accidents but there's still time! He only poops once-twice a day.

    had a bad night last night, had 3 hours sleep, he just wouldn't settle! No idea why, he struggled to get his wind up so could be the cause! So feeling a bit drained today...

  • Oh Supersquish I'm with you! Tallulah had a bad night and I'm shattered :( so sad as they want to sleep too but seem they are fighting it or have wind! 

  • My baby has bad colic, he keeps me busy all day lol. The amount of times I help him burp n fart n he still seems unsettled with bad wind, it's never ending :(xx

  • Oh Charrz, I've not slept yet tonight as my little one is not settling at all :( I feel your pain!!

  • Hi Ladies, 

    Today would be Isaac's due date, I hate to think how much he would of weighed if he had of waited to today to arrive lol!! 

    Hes just had his feed and decided it would be hillarious to projectile vomit all over me and the bed, Good job I love him really lol!! 

    Hows everyone else doing? I totally forgot how hard it is to try and get your bum in gear in the mornings to get ready, twice this week Neve has almost been late for school as its like a military operation trying to get everyone really and out the door on time. It's going to be even harder when Laurence goes back to work next week, operation juggle everything will commence on Monday lol!! Xx

  • Hi ladies, 

    reading about how many oz your baby takes makes me worried my Hugo is more of a grazer  feeds 4 hourly but sometimes 4oz at a push most of the time 2-3 there no way he can take more he is now 1 month old and just coming out of tiny baby i had him weighed yesterday and he nicely gaining and is now 6lb 5oz. so above his birth weight yay. 

    Lucky to not suffer with colic and he is a  big winder I get 3-4 massive human burps lol. He is a very snorty baby though I have to clear his nose of bogues every day so he can breath better or  it sounds like a pig is in my house. 

    My health visitor was here for 2 whole  hours yesterday! It was painfull let me tell you sorry to be rude but she was full of shit she told me some of the most ludicrous stuff I've ever heard. Sorry ladies rant over 

    with regards to sex life I am ready to get back in the game! I have moved docters  waiting for reg to go through so am unable to go back on contriceprion  the moment so I had to buy condoms  the first time in over 10 years Yesterday that was an experience lol. I have  midwife and docs and everyone tell me what dannielle said super fertile just does not even cut it when it comes to conception so stay safe ladies lol X 

  • Hello November mummies, we really hope you're doing well. We wondered if you fancied sharing your fave baby pic of your baby over on this thread.

    And if you're feeling brave, you might like to share your post-baby belfie on this new thread too.

  • Hi All, 

    Sorry i've not logged on for ages, congratulations on all the births of your gorgeous babies. 

    I had a little boy, Jacob Alfie on the 12th of November. He arrived two weeks early by c section due to a failing placenta. He is amazing and his big sister loves him so much. I can't believe he's three weeks old already. He has fitted straight into the family and i love been a family of four. 

    He's got colic and Infacol has been a god send too.

    Almost feel ready to resume sex life to but will hold off until i start the pill, defo do not want a surprise baby number three!

    Hope everyone is having a great day today xxx

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