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Oi, all you lovely people with babies! Come over here and say hello to each other (please!)


We have such a lovely bunch of mums here in the four main baby threads – Jan 15 babies, Sept 15 babies, Oct 15 babies and the new, new, new Nov 15 babies – that we thought it would be wonderful to have a place where you could all say hello to each other, and chat a bit.

So here it is!

Really hope you all like the idea – it would certainly make our day if you did!

Please do come and 'sign in' here, adding a post to say who you are and how old your baby is – and to say hello to everyone else.

Oh, and if you have a baby but you're not in our Jan, Sept, Oct, Nov babies clubs, don't worry: please join in anyway. We'd love to see you!



  • I'll be the first to break the ice :) it's a lovely idea. I'm linz I'm a mom of 3 beautiful children my eldest son is 14 my daughter is 5 and my Lil new bundle of joy corey is 7 weeks tomorrow. imageimageimage

  • Yay! Thanks linz1234 - what lovely pics!

  • Hello 👋 im jodie this is my first baby, her name is miah n she is 10 weeks on Saturday xximage

  • Aww lovely little ones! I'm Natalie and my little Lucas is 9 months and I have no idea how that happened! He's my first :) image

  • Aaawwww both ur babies r beautiful image how r u finding bein a first time mum essie86? Xx 

  • Hi all! Lovely pics!

    Essie... You were in the due in Jan club right? Not sure if you'll remember me but i was in that birth club too but sadly that one didnt work out for me. Well... It was third time lucky for us & our beautiful rainbow baby was born in September! He was 2months old this week.

    this thread will be great to get advice grom mums who are a little further along the road but not too far that all is forgotten! :)

    Here's a pic of my little man Daytonimage

  • Aw I do remember u SW! Many congrats he is a cracker!! 

    A total blessing fow92 I have 3 nieces and I always thought how nice it was to give them back but then I had him I was worried I wouldn't be able to cope but he is the easiest happiest baby ever. Except now when he has a sleep regression - think it's separation issues as I'm back at work now boo hoo :( 

  • Hi everyone some i know already :) 

    I have 2 babies my first is 6 years old girl lily and then my new baby is just over 2 months now and she is called lyra, lily was 8lb 11 and lyra was 7lb 10 at birth weight :) 

    imageimage imageTheres a picture of my with my eldest when she was a baby, recent picture of lyra and a birth picture of her and my eldest xx

  • Lovely to see all these pics! 

    Hope you – and others – will keep chatting on this thread, as well as your 'home' ones. It would be brilliant to have some general baby chat, I think.

    Essie86: sorry about the sleep regression (ugh). That aside, have you got any tips for the those with younger babies about getting the sleep thing sorted in the early days? (It's no good asking me - my babies NEVER seemed to sleep!)

  • The best advice I got was from one of the mums in my group who told me to try giving Lucas a dummy instead of a bottle through the night as he was waking out of habit and he slept through from 4/5 months

  • Im quite lucky really cus miah my little girl is. Sleeping 8 hours now at night before she wakes up for a feed, shes 10 weeks xx

  • Hello everyone 😊 This is Andy, he was born in July this year 😀 image


  • Oh, and I'm Mirela, a first time mum that still tries to figure out what just happened! Being a mum is such a blessing! 

    Lovely idea, Helen!

    Look at all these sweet little ones 😊 All so beautiful xx

  • Love the pictures, drooling gold! Now that's my kind of drool!!!

    I'm Claire mum of 3, Emily 4 1/2, Elliott 2 3/4 and Chloe aka coco who is 10 months. I've just come out the other side of cocos sleep regression/ separation anxiety it was like having a newborn again, thankfully it only lasted 2 weeks. Baby number 3 is ticking all the boxes the other two missed out.

  • Oh this thread is making me cry, with all your gorgeous gorgeous pics. (I am NOT broody, I am NOT broody, NO NO NO)

    So lovely to see you all hear. I hope you will keep chatting and maybe encourage some others over here? We'd love to see more general chat in our Baby topic – we know you all have some brilliant opinions and great tips and wonderful support to offer, and, if you're anything like me, you sometimes need a bit of support too.

    On another note, if you have told us yet if you're a baby grow or a real-clothes mum, or if you got a 'push present' or not, please come and tell us!

    And, if you want to read/post about something wonderful, please take a moment to read SW2's amazing Rainbow Babies thread. image

  • Hello the hoads, wats bin different between all 3 ov ur babies then? N whats sleep regression? They wanna be with you all the time? How is it juggling 3 babies under 5 lol x

  • Wow! 3 under 5 thehoads!!! You must be rushed off your feet from dawn til dusk!!!

    I have a question some of you may be able to give some advice on... We are travelling bk to see my family in the UK for christmas (YAY!!!). Little one will be almost 3 months. Time difference is 6 hours (uk 6 hours ahead). Anyone have any advice on how to deal with the jetlag for babies? How do you get them on the schedule for the new time zone? & also... Any tips on how to manage long haul flights with a baby would be much appreciated!! :)

  • Iya sw2 i havnt got any advice for u sorry my first baby lol, is this ur first? N wher r u travelling from? Xx 

  • 1st baby to come home with us yes. We live in the US.

  • Hi all Sarah here mum of 3 boys

    lennon age 3 

    harry age 1

    cameron age 5 weeks 


    We live up in Scotland 

    hope everyone is well xx

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