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What do you dress your baby in? Babygrow or 'real' clothes?


We've been having a bit of a debate here at the MadeForMums office about what we dress our babies in – and which looks the cutest.

Some of us like dressing babies in 'proper' clothes (little trousers/skirts/dresses and tops) from the day they're born; others think babies pretty much belong in babygrows for the first few months of their life.

But what do you think? 

Do you dress your baby in babygrows or 'real' clothes? And, if you're a babes-in-babygrows sort, at what age would you switch your baby to 'real' clothes?

Please do let us know by adding a post to this thread. We'd love to hear your views on this one!


  • I've always had my babies in babygrows around the house and tend to only dress up if going out somewhere. So much easier just to have them in babygrows as they grow out of clothes so fast 

    when they are at crawling stage I then tend to dress them up more in proper clothes as we go out a lot more.. I guess I'm pretty much a recluse in the first few months after baby is born lol 

  • We were 90% baby grows and 10% real clothes - i have girls, but never dressed them in skirts or dresses until they could walk - just thought a skirt or dress ruffling round their waist could be uncomfy! Also, titghts can get itchy too! Have to say, i'm not a lover of the giant bows on babies heads too! So uncomfortable for those poor babies!

  • I'm 50-50, I've only just red putting my little lady in clothes clothes, but did have comfortable elasticated stretchy clothes that  has been in from day dot but then again she's had her fair usage of baby grows too! 

  • Clothes I'm afraid and the full lots dress tights frilly knickers head band my only girl after 3 boys maybe that's made me worse lolimage

  • depends with my first she was a summer baby so i had her in proper outfits as weather warm enough but with lyra she is mainly in babygrows atm as it keeps her body heat in better for the winter.. i do have couple outfits for going out but mainly baby grow atm babies grow to fast and clothes too pricey much eaiser to buuy pack of 4 babygrow for £2.50 then 1 outfit for £10+ x

  • Babygros all the way! There's enough to do when you've got a new baby without worrying about matching their outfits lol

  • Babygrows mainly, as I think he is more comfortable in them. "Real" clothes probably when we go out (if we are not using the baby carrier). I always try to dress him in what I think it is most comfortable for him. He has a lifetime ahead having to wear "real" clothes  😀

  • I do a bit of both. "Proper" clothes look cuter imo but sleepsuits are more practical. 

  • I used baby grows most of the time for the first few months as it was winter so if we went out she was also in an all in one winter onesie so no one could see her clothes anyway.  Once she was more mobile or for special occasions I used soft pretty cotton tops and leggings as I found dresses just bunched up all the time.  Now She is walking she has jeans,  pinafores and skirts and dresses. 

  • I dressed my baby in babygrows until he was 3 months old. No outfits at all. I still dressed him in babygrows at 3 months + but I was a bit more relaxed and would put leggings and long sleeved vests on him. I didn't put him in denim until he was over a year old. 

  • I used to put my babies in baby grows because they looked more comfortable . I once saw a mum who had her new born dressed totally in denim and although denim does look good the material was so stiff it was all up around the babies face so the baby couldn't see anything not good if you ask me

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